Our ideas to impress your grandchildren!

“Which cake would you like for your birthday?” “Super beautiful cake!” The arrangement of your little food is ambiguous but the desired effect is clearly expressed. To blow out his candles, your grandson or granddaughter wants to be surprised. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional pastry chef to make little eyes sparkle. … Read more

Potato pancakes Cyril Lignac: recipe

Let’s say, in the summer, we have very little desire to cook. We want to prepare good, fast and simple dishes. Far from staying near the kitchen where temperatures are warmer than on the balcony. So, we can definitely turn to Cyril Lignac to serve everything we need on a silver platter (well, roughly). For … Read more

Blues success recipe in Japan

Expected weather conditions With 35 degrees and more than 50% humidity on Saturday at Toyota, there was no weather to put a rugby player outside. However, the Blues returned from the Toyota oven with their ninth straight win. Pinning the Brave Blossoms at gunpoint (13-13 in the first half), the French scrambled, scoring four attempts … Read more

Multicolored pepper marinade: this is the recipe for henna de cain

by Matthew Gerrard Posted in 3 July 22 at 10:06 freedom kayne see my news Follow these media Tricolor Marinated Pepper: This is a henna recipe from the Bien Dans Son Assiette workshop in Caen (Calvados). © Hanna Granotier In cooperation with Caen side (Calvados)And the freedom Serves you regularly Simple and effective recipecomplicityHanna Granottiercreator … Read more