Chinen under high pressure, snails, cannelloni and oysters from Mélanie Serre

Wine: Julien Delrieu – Pont Bourceau 2021 Wine France – Loire ValleyPrice: 17 EUR The parcel-based Chenin cuvée was born from the schist soil on the left bank of the Layon. Angevin vineyard Julien Delrieu extracts his latest expression, by harvesting this organically grown land before others, with vinegar in vats, without input. In genius … Read more

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro: Google improves its recipe

After making it official last May at the Google I/O conference with the Pixel Watch, Google today launches its new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones which are now available for pre-order. There isn’t much of an aesthetic revolution compared to the new design introduced last year with the Pixel 6. On the other … Read more

Recipe: American Cupcake!

cake 12 pieces – Preparation 30 minutes Cooking 25 minutes • 150 grams of flour with built-in yeast • 100 grams of soft butter • 150 grams of caster sugar • 2 eggs at room temperature • 1 cup of vanilla • 3 tablespoons of glazed milk • 225 grams of powdered sugar • 100 … Read more

What’s your list of steel spirits? A micro-nutritionist gives you the right recipe

Climate change, war, days getting shorter… In this dreary start to the new school year, the touching news is enough to erode morale! Sophie Schaeffer, a PHAR micro-nutritionist, shows off fighting depression, armed with knives and forks. Because yes, and that’s good news, you can get your spirits back by betting on the content of … Read more

Tosulia, gourmet tofu – nutrition culture

Eating sustainable, organic, healthy and vegan without getting bored? Bet Tossolia has cashed in with the arrival of a new tofu recipe: grilled tofu flavored with sesame and ginger. Did we really say the “original” tofu recipe? Tofu is often seen in the market for vegan alternatives Simple and unattractive eyeliner. However, innovations abound. With … Read more

Amadeo Didio Do delivers the recipe

This Thursday, October 6, is D-Day for students returning to school after nearly three months off. In a phone call yesterday, Wednesday, October 5, the Secretary-General of the Syndicate of Free Teachers of Senegal (SELS), Amadou Didio, lists the challenges and expectations for a good start to classes and a quiet school year. “As a … Read more

3 delicious soup recipes to warm you up this fall

Food and gastronomy This fall, warm up with these vitamin-rich vegetable soup recipes. There’s nothing better than lounging under a blanket in the fall when it’s cold outside. The ShouldWarm up with very hot soup full of vitamins. Here are some recipes with seasonal vegetables that we highly recommend. Pumpkin Pumpkin is a wonderful fall … Read more