10 absolutely delicious BBQ burger recipes

What could be tastier than a good, juicy burger in summer?! This barbecue season recipe comes in all kinds of shapes and flavors, which is really cool because it allows us to try so many recipes without getting bored. In addition, cooking a burger is usually very easy, so you can impress the whole family without much difficulty!

Without further ado, discover ten absolutely delicious burger recipes to cook on the grill.

Veal burger with fresh mozzarella cheese and vegetables

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This veal burger tastes different thanks to fresh mozzarella and grilled vegetables. It’s a try!

Beef burger, grilled vegetables and chipotle cheese sauce

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For a classic and fancy burger, this recipe is perfect! The whole family will love it

Veggie burger with black beans, chermoula and mushrooms

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The veggie burger is absolutely delicious! Gallet slabs are much softer and the potential accompaniments are endless.

Hoisin Pork Burger Sauce

attributed to him: Ricardo

This pork burger features an Asian flavor that will appeal to young and old alike! Hoisin sauce definitely adds a little something.

Portuguese Marinated Chicken Burger

attributed to him: Three times a day

This Portuguese marinated chicken burger will make your mouth water! In addition, it is very easy to make.

Sauteed mushroom and brie burger

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Want to do it a little differently? Add wild cheese and sautéed mushrooms to your burger!

Stuffed Italian burger

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If you like gourmet recipes, they should satisfy you! Cheese stuffed burger we say yes!

Pork burger curry

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Pork and curry come together beautifully in this easy-to-make recipe. Adding feta cheese is simply delicious!

Chicken burger with feta cheese and spinach

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In this recipe, feta cheese and spinach are added to the meat pie. It will give the galette even more fluffy and absolutely delicious!

Mega burger with beer, strong cheddar cheese and bacon

attributed to him: cook

The pancakes in this recipe contain a bit of black beer to enhance the meat’s taste and make it incredibly tender.

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