10 recipes to eat more vegetables every day

What if one of your good resolutions for this year 2022 was to eat more vegetables? Our job, if you accept it, is to get you to love and cook broccoli, squash, leeks and other seasonal vegetables. Discover our recipes.

It is not always easy to find inspiration to cook vegetables daily to turn them into delicious dishes. Kids often pull the faces in front of their plate and even adults sometimes have a hard time motivating themselves to cook it. However, at Marmiton, we’re convinced that with a little regulation and a good dose of greed, we can manage to eat vegetables more often. To enjoy and balance our menus year-round, discover vegetable-based recipe ideas.

5 tips and tricks for eating more vegetables:

1- Buy seasonal vegetables that will taste more and make you want to eat more.
2- Think outside the box and twist up your favorite recipes with vegetables. For example, a potato shepherd’s pie turns out a delicious hash of parsnip. Also consider the kids’ french fries version: carrots, celery, or even pumpkin fries.
3- Make a list and organize it. For example, you can pre-peel and chop vegetables, then keep them in the freezer while you wait for them to cook. On D-Day, all you have to do is incorporate it into your plate.
4- Take your time to appreciate vegetables you don’t know: top them with a good sauce or a touch of cheese before serving them raw, unaccompanied.
5- Add vegetables to the appetizer. It’s a fun and easy way to savor it without even realizing it. Simply break them into florets or cut them into pieces and accompany them, for example, with fromage blanc sauce. easy right?

Our Recipe Ideas for Cooking Vegetables

Cauliflower dough for mozzarella pizza

Parsnip Shepherd’s Pie

Cauliflower popcorn

Cauliflower curry with chickpeas

Pumpkin Gratin with Beef and Parmesan

Tart tatin with dandelion and chavinol

Carbonara Islands

kale lasagna

celery cutlets

carrot fries

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