12 mexican recipes other than guacamole

Mexican cuisine is among the richest and most diverse in the world. Most of the traditional recipes, which are less known around the world, are very healthy and are mainly based on the use of steamed vegetables, or in a way that preserves the fiber they contain. In Mexico, cooking is an integral part of social customs and serves as an excuse to bring families and communities together, hence the joyful and festive connotation it is often associated with. Since 2010, traditional Mexican cuisine has also been listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Main ingredients

Most – if not all – recipes are spicy, thanks to the many types of peppers that grow in the country. Moreover, many Mexicans believe that if a dish is not spicy, then it simply has not finished cooking. Corn is the basis of this gastronomy, and it is the main starch. It’s also the main ingredient in tortillas, the small, round bread pies, which, like bread in other cultures, accompanies the vast majority of dishes. Rice, as well as avocado, is widely used in this gastronomy, and the latter has given rise to this basic green sauce known to all today: guacamole. Finally, vegetables, especially summer vegetables, such as peppers, tomatoes or zucchini, play a very important role in the culinary art of the country.

Unknown traditional recipes

Tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos: Mexican cuisine includes an array of recipes that have been exported to the four corners of the world. However, within the country itself, there are still an infinite number of recipes that are still unknown internationally. The immortalized For example, it is a typical specialty of the country, made from cocoa, peanuts, peppers and tomatoes. Usually served on top of chicken pieces, this dark-colored sauce is very popular with Mexicans. Originated from Native American Cuisine, tamales Foliage made from sheets of corn on the cob garnished with stuffing and ham. This thousand-year-old recipe is now one of the most popular Mexican dishes in the country. There is also a file pig measurewhose cooking method is similar to that of Turkish kebabs (except for the use of pork). Finally, the pico de gallo Consisting of tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños, this is a Mexican salad that’s ready in a jiffy, which accompanies many grilled meat and fish dishes.

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