12 recipes with minimal dishes for maximum flavor!

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What could be better than eating the good stuff and having fun? We like to concoct recipes and have fun. But then, you have to wash the dishes… To motivate you to cook, we give you 12 recipes, requiring minimal dishes, that you will enjoy!

Washing dishes is a chore that many discourage. However, we pride ourselves on once we get a taste of what we have prepared. So we must not stop there. Even if you have to admit that there is a battery in the aquarium, it does not discourage you. To avoid procrastinating and leaving it dirty for days, discover our best recipes that avoid this task. They are nothing short of delicious and comforting! Pasta dishes, stuffed vegetables or chocolate cake, there is something for everyone.

Wok chicken with pineapple

This dish with Asian flavors will take you on a journey, all with just a few utensils.

Mushroom and spinach pasta in one bowl

This is the dish that requires the least number of dishes (and is also popular for it). It’s so delicious that we just can’t do without it!

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Croque Monsieur with bechamel sauce

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a béchamel sauce: the croque monsieur is so comforting. There’s a trick to making a quick no-dish croquette: have it in the roaster!

Simple creme brulee

Despite the relatively long cooking time, making creme brulee is easy and quick and you don’t need to wash!

Cocoa eggs with goat cheese and bacon

Ramkins, Oven and Your Hands: Here’s what you need to make this delicious recipe!

chocolate cake

Grab a cup and you’re ready to enjoy your chocolate cake.

Gnocchi au gratin with pork and basil

Good gnocchi gratin with very few dishes to enjoy with family or friends.

Zucchini and smoked salmon quiche

Quiche: There is nothing better than not taking the initiative. So pamper yourself without worrying about dishes, there will be few utensils, so in 5 minutes!

trifleet cover

The temperature changes of our stomach have improved. Who hasn’t wanted a Tartiflet in the past few days? Warm up with this tartlet wrap recipe.

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Stuffed peppers with tuna and parmesan cheese

Cheap but very good recipe. These stuffed peppers won’t leave you with much to do to make the most of your spare time without a pile of dishes waiting for you.

Pumpkin soup

It’s squash season! You see it everywhere, and even if it’s not winter yet, you wouldn’t say no to homemade cream soup.

Goat cheese toast, lamb lettuce, candied leeks

Goat cheese, lettuce and leeks: the perfect combination on toast slices. A quick and easy recipe that almost does not spoil the dishes, what more could you ask for?

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