14 Thai recipes other than Pad Thai

Thai gastronomy is greatly influenced by the cuisine of neighboring countries, and is distinguished in particular by a large number of dishes based on rice or fried noodles, traditionally accompanied by sauces. Like many cuisines in this region of the world, serving dishes plays an important role, and preparations are often decorated with raw vegetables cut into geometric shapes, stars or zigzags. Mint, coriander, coconut milk, red basil and lemongrass are some of the most frequently used ingredients, and they make it possible to get aromatic recipes with distinct flavours.

special dishes

Thai cuisine has many recipes for making soup, including coconut milk, lemon and ginger. Among the most famous, you definitely have a chance to taste Tom yum, which can be distinguished by its orange color due to the pepper it contains, or Tom Kha, made from galangal (Kha in Thai), a ginger-like condiment.

As a main dish, it is impossible to mention Thailand without mentioning pad thai, a popular dish made with fried noodles and peanuts. In the country, it is usually served with prawns covered in fish sauce, soybeans and lemon. Even if nowadays we find all kinds of variants in terms of spices and proteins used (chicken, beef, tofu, etc). However, the common point among all the recipes remains the cooking technique, which is traditionally performed in a frying pan, over high heat.

In addition to pad thai, among the most popular recipes, there is also the famous crying tiger. Of Thai origin, this dish is now on the menu of many restaurants around the world, and in particular in many French bistros. This beef is marinated in a somewhat spicy sauce, accompanied by salad or rice. The marinade usually contains tamarind, lemon, soy sauce, fish and oyster sauce.

Som Tam Salad is a shredded green papaya salad with sautéed peppers, lemon juice, fish sauce and tomatoes. A tonic recipe that made the country famous as it tastes addictive and has many virtues. Sum Tam works on microbes, and it can even mitigate the effects of alcohol the next day at night. But beware of brittle tastes because this recipe is very spicy!

As for dessert, it is impossible not to mention the mango sticky rice made from coconut milk, mango and sticky rice. When it comes to preparing dessert recipes, Thais honor many of the tropical fruits that grow in this region of the world, such as dragon fruit, guava, or lychee. In fact, thanks to its diverse climate depending on the region, Thailand has one of the largest fruits in the world. In the kitchen, they are served alone, traditionally cut out in the form of stars and animals, as decor.

And if you thought the gastronomy of this tropical beach country stopped there, think again because the chefs have more than one trick up their sleeve. The guide with these 14 Thai recipes other than Pad Thai.

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