15 apple recipes that change the shape of the pie

Want a change from the famous apple pie? It’s the season when we eat apples in bulk, but it’s not always easy to find ideas for eating them differently. Therefore, we share with you 15 delicious recipes that will change the look of the pie.

The An apple It is one of the fruits that we find more in our kitchens. We tend to make one pungentwhether to eat in to tastein candy During a family meal, or Sunday evening to calm themselves. it’s the easy dessert And the fastWhich we definitely enjoy!

this is fruit It can go down to infinity, especially easily marrying with other ingredients. in cakeAnd the falls apart or compote, it is delicious! behind classic recipeswe also share our original ideas with you based on apple.

Caramelized apple with gingerbread

Apple and Ginger: Simple but very good.

apple pie pie

Choose this Austrian specialty to die for.

Pumpkin and apple jam

We’re sure you’ve never thought of making a jam that mixes apples and pumpkins. It is very good and seasonal!

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Russian apple cake, hazelnut and chocolate

This cake is wonderful. Foodie, you won’t be able to do without it.

Goat cheese and apple toast

Yes yes, apples can also be eaten in a salty dish! They go perfectly with goat cheese.

Apple Tatin with Speculoos

Yes it’s a pie, but a different tate! Nothing is more comfortable.

Compote of apple, honey and cinnamon

Back to childhood with compote. But not just any! The combination of apple, honey and cinnamon is excellent.

Baked apple stuffed with speculoos

Speculoos go perfectly with apples, especially for this recipe for stuffed baked apples.

apple crumble

It’s the legendary Marmite recipe: the perfect apple crumble!

apple pies

Make these apple pies, you won’t regret it!

Verrines foie gras, apple and ginger

Are you running out of ideas for your vineyards? Opt for this sweet and savory recipe with foie gras and apple. If you do not like or do not want to put foie gras, you can remove it! This will make you delicious sweet cherries!

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Apple, Walnut and Cinnamon Cake

Just looking at it makes your mouth water, the apple, walnut, and cinnamon bun is delicious!

Veal meat balls with apple

We wouldn’t necessarily have the idea of ​​mixing apples and meat. However, this recipe will prove to you that you are missing something!

Tomato, Apple and Curry Soup

It’s soup season, and why not include the apples? Warm up and taste there!

Marinated apple jelly.

If you want an original seasoning for your dishes, whether sweet or savory, then this is the recipe for you!

You just have to pamper yourself and please the whole family with apples!

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