2023 World Cup Qualifiers

It has to be said, Senegal has come a long way! After a bad tournament in Cairo where the team left first place in Group D to drop to third and returned to fifth in Group F, the Teranga Lions no longer intimidate their opponents. But in Monastir, there is another face of Senegal that the competing teams have discovered. He’s back in the race for 5 World Cup tickets thanks to good preparation and a tight-knit group.

DeSagana Diop, a winning choice!

It must be said that the change of coach was good for the national team. After the collapse in Cairo, the crisis that followed, it was necessary to calm the atmosphere and join forces. The FSBB got its start by organizing a dinner for a good discussion between players and managers. But above all, I bet on continuity by selecting assistant Boniface Ndong as head coach. Winning bet!

With DeSagana Diop, everything seems to go on wheels. The coach bets on the good life of the group. In the den we can sing and dance but we always work. “I think when you’re tense and tense, you can’t be productive. I’ve always been like that in my life. But that doesn’t mean we don’t happen to knock on the table like you did yesterday. We didn’t have a good session. I think as a coach we have to let the players be free.” Let the coach know in front of the press before traveling to Tunisia.

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

In the Monastir room, the technician was quiet, hardly grumbling. Everyone’s surprise was that he received a warning from the referee during the match against Cameroon. For the rest, he does not shout at the players and does not hesitate to clap to strengthen his team. Behind him, the seat was doing the same. By selecting Gorgui Dieng as captain and Brancou Badio as his deputy, “Ngagne” assumes a new era of lair of rebuilding the team with experience and youth.

The fruit of good preparation

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

Njani Desajana Diop was more fortunate than his predecessors by calling all his players. Holidays oblige! Even players who had not been summoned were able to benefit from outside training, which allowed them to live in a good atmosphere. For the first time at the helm of the team, he started working from the 1st of last August. Black prepared approximately 3 weeks of preparation. Long time no longer CR. This allowed the team to work, test, debug, and mature.

Friendlies – A MUST HAVE!

Before the Dakar tournament in August, it had been exactly a year since Senegal played friendlies. The last friendly meeting of the Teranga Lions dates back to August 22, 2021. Senegal was preparing for Afrobasket 2021 and met Kenya in Rwanda.

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

Since then, there are no more prep matches left except for those playing with a local team here. The players had hardly had a few training sessions before competing in Dakar as in Cairo. And besides, most of them were not available from here 2/3 during the second window and 1/3 in the next window. Thus, for the Monastir Championship, they were able to play two friendlies with Cape Verde, which is currently part of the top 5 African matches. These two friendly meetings made it possible to put drills into practice and correct errors to improve progress. In addition to managing the financial aspect well, Senegal has set all these goals.

Notes from lions

In 3 matches, the Lions team won all matches with 232 points and received 200 points. Senegal achieved its largest result (90-71) or a difference of 19 points against Cameroon, and the duel was closer with South Sudan (69-66) and Tunisia (73-63).

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

It must be said that in this fourth window, Senegal met such big names on the continent as the shining stars who inflicted their first defeat, and the African champion. The difference is more noticeable compared to other windows statistics. In Dakar last February, the Lions managed 232 registrars and 174 exchanges. In Cairo, last July, the Boniface team managed 189 registrars and 245 exchanges.

Sign the victories of Senegal

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

If Senegal had a good squad that ran matches well (all the players were on the ground), these lions were the most used. the hub Georgi C. Ding He led Senegal’s successes. The new captain has remained consistent in his good performance. The Lions’ top scorer and rebel, with 52 points (8 award-winning shots), 35 rebounds and 4 assists.

New talents from the den, Mbaye Ndiaye It was a good campaign. The 23-year-old winger from French club ADA Blois was present in all of the matches. He has 25 points and 11 rebounds.

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

looking forward to this window, Branko Badiou He rose to the top during the tournament with a total of 22 points in the last game. He has 50 points including 9 award winning shots and 21 assists.

The Bank of Senegal was also very productive. became stronger. In the first match, he contributed 18 points. In front of Tunisia, Mo Fai (7 points) and the others supported 22 points, not forgetting the 13 rebounds for Ibo Fai, who is fifth in the championship. Huge, Yosoo Ndoye and his 15 points in the last game allow the benches for a total of 34 points.

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

The race for World Cup tickets has begun again!

After winning three victories and defeating South Sudan, Senegal turned the race for qualification in Group F on its head, and it will be necessary to wait for the next window and in a tough battle to see which teams or three qualified teams will qualify. For now, the Lions have managed the right process to leave fifth for third. But no team can be satisfied with its glories in this gathering, as one point teams separate teams from first to fifth (17 to 13 points). Note that Ivory Coast is the only qualified team at the moment with 7 wins in the most matches and is in Group E.

Qualified at home?

“The three wins benefit us. But as I told the players in the dressing room, there are still 3 games left to qualify. We have to stay focused for that. I think it would be good for us to play at home. We will play with Marius Ndiaye not at the Dakar Arena.” coach Desagana Diop said at the end of the tournament. For someone who participated in the 2006 World Cup, he would probably want to qualify for Senegal and get back there as a coach.

2023 World Cup Qualifiers - A whole house recipe in Monastir!  -wiwsport

Playing in Dakar, the last qualifying period, is the desire of the captains and even the players that did not start today. But it must be said that with the possibility of qualifying at home, discussions between the federation and the ministry to submit the candidacy to the International Basketball Federation should not continue. The next window will be played on September 24, 25 and 26, 2023. Senegal will play the return matches with the same opponent in Monastir.


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