26 recipes to treat yourself to a ring of friends

True Friends fans know it, there is nothing more comforting than enjoying a meal in front of a good old episode of the series with 6 friends. And with an accomplished chef like Monica, and a ravenous eater like Joey, food is a strong theme in each of the ten seasons. From the failed diplomat Rachel, to Ross’ favorite sandwich (which his boss accidentally tasted), to Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate brownies, the recipes each character has prepared have at times become legendary dishes. with fans. Since the release of the last episode in 2004, several cookbooks devoted entirely to this topic have been published. Among these, “Friends: The Official Cookbook,” written by Amadan Yee, chef and author, includes more than 100 recipes entirely inspired by our beloved sitcom.

American classics

Lasagna, a bucket of fried chicken, or a plate of French fries… These dishes, very popular in the United States, are savored by the band several times during the seasons. To feel like moving into this iconic purple-walled apartment in the heart of Manhattan, you need look no further. Allow yourself to be tempted by American pizza with chorizo ​​(or two “Joey Special”), a homemade hamburger or instant noodles. The latter is also better when savored the next day – New York style.

Not forgetting, of course, Joey Tribbiani’s basic and only meatball sandwich, the real belly on group pasta. A recipe so delicious, that the latter would have risked his life to protect it, one day when he thought he had been shot. And if Joey once ate a book for the modest $50, the famous sandwich recipe is what we like the most. To do this, simply cut a small baguette in half, before placing 4 to 6 previously cooked beef balls in the middle. To finish, sprinkle everything generously with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. Close the sandwich with the second slice and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes to melt the cheese. An ultra-gourmet sandwich is ready in no time to eat alone, as the young man behind the recipe wishes: “Joey doesn’t share food!”.

For dessert who says New York says cheesecake of course. Creamy cake made of fresh cheese, eggs and sugar, which Rachel and Chandler stole from her neighbor twice, and the result is absolutely delicious!

Of course, in many episodes, our six friends swap Thanksgiving for traditional dishes like roast turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, or even pumpkin pie. And that, even if Chandler didn’t always agree and largely preferred the homemade macaroni and cheese that Monica prepared.

Many scenes also feature traditional Mexican dishes, very popular in the country, such as fajitas rosés, the chef’s specialty tacos or the extremely spicy enchiladas that Rachel devotes with the ultimate goal of finally giving birth to her future daughter Emma.

Monica’s recipes are more sophisticated

Professional chef and official host of the group, Monica often has ideas about recipes that are considered a bit complicated, in the eyes of her assistants. Generous in the kitchen as in life, the young woman loves the evenings and receptions she organizes down to the last detail. As a result, she is the perfect inspiration for spring appetizers with salmon mousse, her craving for boiled dishes, scones or appetizers of all kinds. For any aperitif worthy of the name, the rule is simple: the mini version is always better! Calculate 5 to 8 servings per person unless of course one of your guests is Joey Tribbiani.

For dessert, we melt with the chef’s birthday pie, prepared for the surprise organized for Rachel. Not to forget the kilos of jam she makes in order to clear her mind, after her split from Richard in Season 3. To prepare the latter, we chose seasonal fruits such as strawberries or cherries, a “we cook for about 20 minutes” saucepan with sugar, lemon juice and a little water. With this, you will definitely be able to say goodbye to your heartache!

From appetizers to dessert to coffee breaks (in Central Perk of course), we’ve created an extensive list of recipes straight from the New York world for our six friends, pre-approved by Monica.

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