$3.3 billion: US revenue from crypto sanctions since 2009

Cryptos, a godsend for regulators? – Nobody can ignore it. In the absence of a clear legal framework, companies inenvironmental coding system they easy prey for international financial regulators. In fact, let’s take the United States for example, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the root of many lawsuits: ripple (XRP), BinanceAnd the BlockFi, etc. However, taking into account earnings I was born thanks fines The stubbornness of the regulators is easy to understand.

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Regulators and Cryptocurrency: A Rotten Love Affair

According to a report published by Elliptic, various US monetary and financial regulators are aware of this $3.3 billion Fines and other financial penalties imposed on crypto companies since 2009. Since the beginning of 2022, US regulators have realized this $179.7 million. with this amount, 100 million Paid by BlockFi As part of a settlement agreement with several US regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Elliptic reveals $180 million loot collected by US regulators – Source: Twitter

In addition, the report reveals that more than 70% From all financial penalties visible after the procedure before dry. As it reveals Bigger fine pronounced against Telegram group to propose to Selling Unregistered Tokens (“GRAM”). In fact, in 2020, the Telegram group had to pay a total fine of $1.2 billion.

Moreover, Elliptic report reveals that United State occupy first place In terms of monetary penalties related to cryptocurrency. Although few other organizers around the world are stepping up their efforts, there are more than 98% Of the imposed sanctions were dispensed by the American continent. Finally, this percentage should only decrease slightly. In fact, last May, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Double size her teams Sections dedicated to regulating cryptocurrencies: crypto assets and electronic module.

finally, The Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory bodies All interest in keep blur On the rules applicable to coding and sequencing activities Legal action against companies in the sector. It is clear that these actions very profitable !

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