3 Flexible Recipe Ideas – Le Lac-St-Jean

A flexible diet consists of balanced meals with the aim of reducing meat consumption, which is very demanding on the environment. In this article, we reveal the 3 best flexible recipe ideas to delight young and old.

1- Pasta salad with tuna, tomatoes and tommy de bribes

To reduce meat consumption, we invite you to make this recipe very simple and easy to prepare. This nutritious salad is perfect for bringing freshness to your dishes.

Start by cooking the spaghetti in salted water before draining. Pour everything into a salad bowl. Add tomato slices, basil, tom de brebes, and tuna. All you have to do is add the vinaigrette and season the salad. Enjoy the cold! This flexible recipe is simple, healthy and quick to prepare.

You can optionally add candy and Varies with vegetable yoghurt. This almond-containing product is a delicious alternative to animal milk and will delight all gourmets.

2- Delicious vegetable pancakes

To diversify the pleasures as part of your flexible diet, we offer you this recipe for delicious, delicious pancakes. Once the pancake mixture is ready, cut some mushrooms into pieces to decorate. Then prepare the broccoli by cooking it in boiling water to maintain its crunchy texture.

Then mix the vegetables with the bean sprouts. To add more flavor to the pie, feel free to add coriander, pepper, and soy sauce. The stuffing is ready! All that remains is to pour it over the already cooked pancakes. You can also use your creativity to make other fillings using flexible ingredients for your mushrooms.

3- Omelette with fresh tomatoes and arugula

It is entirely possible to follow a flexible diet and enjoy it! An egg is a preferred alternative when it comes to replacing meat. You can make all kinds of omelettes. To prepare this recipe, start by separating the whites and yolks.

Whisk the yolks with the milk (classic or vegetarian) and add salt and pepper to the mixture. Then beat the egg whites and mix the first mixture.

Now all you have to do is cook the omelette in a skillet using butter until the omelette looks puffy. Put everything in the oven for ten minutes. Once this time has passed, simply add the pre-marinated tomato slices and arugula leaves on top. Good tasting!

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