3-minutes mres jelly: recipe. Recipe

3 Minute Blackberry Jelly uses the natural pectin of the fruit. This recipe is a great time saver and is delicious too! Pretty easy, even if you’ve picked a few blackberries.

Ingredients List

  • Blackberries (fresh or frozen)
  • Sugar (regardless of the type, but without the added gelling agent) with a weight equivalent to the blackberry juice obtained
  • Squeezed lemon juice: 1/2 to 1 lemon for 500 grams of blackberries


First of all, prepare your jars of jam so that they are ready for filling: open them with lids next to them.

Make Blackberry Coles

Wash the blackberries if you think it necessary, but very carefully: by soaking for 20 seconds, to make the intruders float and be able to remove them, then they must be dried without waiting, the blackberries are brittle fruits.

Do not worry about the peduncles, the white part that remains in the center of the blackberry: we leave them.

Pass these blackberries through a quick pass or other device that allows you to recover the juice without the seeds. You get very nice blackberry coles, usually thick and almost black.

Weigh this collie and add an equivalent weight in sugar.

Add squeezed lemon juice: about 1 lemon for 500 grams of blackberries. It may be more if you like a more refreshing gel.


Put everything in a large stainless steel skillet or saucepan and heat over high heat, stirring.

Black raspberry coles are mixed until completely boiling: this allows the mixture to boil evenly. This is important, because the cooking time must be accurate: the time is 3 minutes from the moment of boiling.

While boiling, stop stirring and keep the heat on medium or low (you should still keep simmering). There is no scum to remove.

As soon as the stopwatch rings, stop cooking. Put the hot jam into a pouring container, which will allow you to quickly pour the jam into the jars without touching the edges.

Fill the jars almost to the brim, then close them immediately.

The temperature of the gel, between 80 and 95 degrees Celsius, will pasteurize the jar and lid, as well as the small air space that remains there.

On the other hand, the unfinished pot is likely to be kept for a shorter period, and it will be the jar that will be consumed first.

Tips for a successful recipe

3 Minute Black Raspberry Jelly Old recipe, very basic, very simple, uses only natural ingredients. 3 minutes is cooking time! You then get a very good jelly with the natural pectin of the fruit, with an incomparable taste because the fruit is undercooked. In addition, it keeps perfectly.

And even if the harvest does not exceed a few hundred grams, you can implement this very simple and most importantly recipe very quickly.

picking blackberry

The wild blackberries are picked between July and September and have an incomparable taste. When it’s too hot and dry like in 2022, their ripeness can be served. Picking blackberries is also an opportunity for a nice family picnic, it pleases to enjoy what Mother Nature still offers us for free.

However, avoid picking blackberries along the roads, where vehicles are scattered, because they are covered with pollution from exhaust gases, and also to pick up less than 40 cm of ground, where animals (fox or dog) were able to urinate.

Garden-grown blackberries are generally larger in size and therefore more effective at filling your basket, but they generally have less flavor than wild blueberries.

To increase the weight of the blackberries to be turned into jam, you can freeze the blackberries until you have enough to taste. This recipe suits well for harvesting between 300g and 2kg of blackberries.

This 3-minute blackberry jelly also works well with frozen or frozen fruit.

Be careful, once the fruits are picked, do not leave them lying down: they must be made into a gel during the day or at the latest the next morning. And the longer they drag, the more they lose quality: taste and vitamins.

How does 3 Minute Blackberry Jelly work?

This jelly recipe uses the natural pectin of the fruit, here the blackberry. Blackberries naturally contain a good amount of pectin, especially HM (high methoxylate) pectin, which takes between 3 and 4 minutes to boil.

But this gelatin in 3 minutes needs an acidic medium and sugar. Blackberries are not very acidic, so we add lemon juice.

If your stopwatch fails, or you were on the phone when you stopped cooking. The second pectin polymerization reaction can occur by extending the cooking time for a longer time, as for regular jam (even without sugar crystallization!), By stopping cooking with a jam drop test on a frozen plate.

Can we reduce the sugar level in this gel for 3 minutes?

It is fashionable to make less sweet jam. You can reduce the amount of sugar by 10%, but not much more.

In fact, in this 3-minute gel, HM pectin needs sugar to bind. On the other hand, sugar is essential for preserving jams.

However, this jam greatly reduces the jam that needs to be boiled for about 20 minutes. So the sugar level does not have to be higher. On the other hand, its intense taste of fresh fruit allows you to add less, thereby reducing the amount of absorbed sugar.

3-Minute Jelly: Hard or Soft?

Blackberry jam can sometimes be very hard or sometimes more tender, and the result depends on the harvested fruits, whether they were very juicy because the year was rainy, as in 2021, or, on the contrary, very concentrated, if they were dry.

Depending on your taste (in white cheese, less jelly mixes better) and with the experience of years, you can adjust the parameters: add a few tablespoons of water or more lemon juice to non-juicy raspberries, or cook for 3 minutes 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes (but never more than 4 minutes) If this is the year the blackberries are soaked.

Not only is it easy to make 3-minute blackberry jelly and saves time, it also really tastes better: a flavor closer to that of fresh fruit. In addition, its vitamins are better preserved with this short cooking.

Thank you Vronique MACRELLE

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