4 summer fruity recipes for your restaurant

It’s summer and you want to feel it in your restaurant? In this case, it will be necessary to focus on every little detail, from the atmosphere to the kitchen. By doing things right, you will be able to differentiate yourself easily, which will definitely improve your reputation. To help you out, here are 4 fruity summer recipes for your restaurant.

1- Fruit ice cream cone

Very simple to make but especially attractive, the fruit ice cream cone is a good way to attract customers. For this, you will need good fresh fruits and dried fruits. To ensure the quality of your recipe, look for Organic dried fruit supplier This also ensures the quality of its products.

Once you collect the ingredients, all you have to do is fill the ice cream cones with chunks of fruit, dried fruit, and voila. You can even dip the cone a little in the chocolate for a more indulgent look.

2- Fruit Yogurt

The fruit yogurt we know is the artificial version that is flavored and sometimes contains small pieces of dried fruit. However, it is very easy to revisit this recipe for your restaurant.

With the homemade yogurt you made sure to prepare for your customers, add extra large chunks of assorted fruit and feel free to add some dried fruit as well. Mix and serve cold to your loyal customers!

3- Fruit yogurt ice cream

The concept is almost the same as the previous recipe. Only, this time, it’s about working a little more on her aesthetic side and making the recipe more authentic.

To do this, put fresh fruits and dried fruits of medium size in yogurt. Then pour the mixture into ice cream molds and freeze. After a few hours, you get the original fruity yogurt ice cream for your restaurant during this summer

4- Fruit ice cubes

Whether it’s refreshing your customers’ drinks or bringing something new to your restaurant, fruit ice cubes are always perfect for summer. Especially since it is very easy to prepare.

Simply fill an ice cube tray with dried fruit or zest and add water. Then all you have to do is freeze it and serve it when needed. For more originality, you can even color the used water with a little syrup.

With this fruity and easy recipe, your customers are simultaneously benefiting from the freshness of the ice cubes and, once melted, the fruit you added. Only with this small change can you be sure to retain your customers.

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