5 easy and terrifying cocktail recipes

Looking for cocktails that change to celebrate Halloween? Charming drinks, bloody cocktails, wicked drinks… Discover our ideas for drinks with or without alcohol and easy to breed at home.

Bloody hot dogs, creepy petit fours and evil donuts are ready? All that’s left is to find drinks To accompany your buffet or Halloween meal. To help you fill in inspiration without hassles and above all without spending hours in the kitchen, we present to you 5 simple and spooky cocktail ideas to stay on topic. on the list? Charming cocktails with or without alcohol to impress the whole family or your guests.

Marmite tips: For drinks that are larger than the shelf life, bet on presentation. Some ingredients can add a spooky side to cocktails Like litchi in the eye To put in your cocktail glasses, a few drops of red syrup (the grenadine type) or food coloring to pour into your drink for a fake blood effect. Also remember to decorate the containers (cups, cauldrons, salad bowls) with it black or orange stripe, also called ribbon making, to display Halloween clocks and symbols such as ghosts, pumpkins, bats, cobwebs, etc. Finally, why not equip yourself with ice cube molds for Halloween?

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Our Halloween Cocktail Ideas

Halloween Bloody Mary

For a bloody effect, serve this wonderful cocktail to your dinner guests. This drink consists mainly of tomato juice and vodka, and this drink will have its effect on your table. For the record, this cocktail refers to the legend of the Bloody Mary, also called “Mary the Bloody” or “The Bloody Virgin.” It is said that she appears Mary in the mirror when he says her name three times.

Halloween cocktail with red fruits

You do not drink alcohol or are looking for ideas to please the whole family, including children? This cocktail is for you! Do not forget to put a few lychees garnished with black grapes or blueberries to represent the puffy eyes, thus creating a wind of awe during the evening. Guaranteed effect with youngsters.

Green Magic Potion Cocktail

Here’s a second idea for an alcohol-free cocktail to refresh young and old. With its beautiful green color, this mint and apple drink will not go unnoticed. Serve it in a martini glass to make a beautiful presentation.

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Red Dragon Halloween Cocktail

Dragons and other magical creatures are your thing? Why don’t you go on a red dragon halloween. It consists in particular of red fruit juice, vodka, Grand Marnier liqueur, iced tea and grenadine.

Monster Halloween Cocktail

Cocktail ready in 5 minutes flat? This is a brutal cocktail to improvise when you don’t have much in the fridge or in your cupboard. A little orange juice, a sprinkle of pomegranate, some worm-shaped candy, and you’re done.

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