5 ideas to counter Blue Monday

We’ve prepared 5 soothing recipes to cheer you up on Blue Monday! Such a good joke in your dishes will allow you to face the day in a calm and calm atmosphere. A real culinary hug not to be missed!

Happy Blue Monday! Boost your spirits in the kitchen by testing our simple, comforting, anti-depressant recipe ideas to fight Blue Monday in the kitchen. But really, what is this?

Blue Monday is the bleakest day of the year. It is celebrated on the third Monday of January and is located at the crossroads of several negative points. Originally it was a British company I created in 2005 for an advertising campaign. Since then we fear it a little bit every year. But don’t worry, get out of your man’s and wear your apron, we have something to change up with delicious and convenient recipes.

On this particular Monday, we tend to give up and think that this day is inevitably going to be frustrating. However, there is a way to restore your smile: fireplaces. Cook with ease because happiness also passes through our stomachs, and the perfect day to pamper her. Soups, baked and fried dishes or even chocolate desserts will be allies. Reward yourself!

Seasonal soup
In the fast and convenient food category, soup holds a gold medal. This easy-to-make recipe will brighten up your Blue Monday.

Bacon and Mushroom Pasta Gratin
With crackling gratin in the oven and soft pasta, it will bring you all the sweetness you need to face the day.

fish and chips
It’s not fresh, anything fried is good for morale and more so if it makes our taste buds travel. Our homemade fish and chips meal is a comforting, crunchy trip back to the UK. French fries have several solutions: in the pan or in the oven. Small + greedy: duck fat for cooking.

Flowing Au Chocolat
It is an antidepressant shield. Indulge in this whirlwind of gluttony for guaranteed fun!

hot chocolate
All day long, enjoy a hot chocolate. Every sip will warm you up to face Blue Monday. Indulge!

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