5 recipes for cold salad to face the heat all summer!

Nothing better than a good salad at mealtime in the summer. It is fresh, tasty and satisfying. For the occasion, we’ve picked 5 simple and quick recipes from seasonal fruits and vegetables. For those who love savory sweets, you’ll love our changing associations! Take the anxiety out of cooking with these 5 simple no-cook recipes!

In the menu, we present a selection of 5 cold saladsWhich makes you want to eat even on hot days. Whether it’s watermelon, sweet/savory with watermelon or peaches or even gourmet with a tomato and mozzarella duo, everyone will be able to find their favorite to share with the whole table! 🥗

editorial board For a rustic lunch with family or friends, prepare the salad in a large salad bowl for added convenience. If you want to make your salad elegant, serve it on a plate, it’s simple and elegant!

Fresh summer watermelon salad

This salad lives up to its name! Ready in 10 minutes Only, it’s the perfect ally for summer. Water-soaked watermelon makes it super refreshing, and gourmet feta and lemon give this recipe a great boost! Guaranteed heart attack.

Tomato, burrata, arugula, olives and raw pork salad

this is aromatic salad With green tomatoes a real treat! Made with raw pork, olives, green tomatoes, rosemary, bread and burrata, it makes a real, full, fresh and seasonal meal at lunchtime. For a vegetarian variant, substitute the pork for a vegan alternative. Served on a plate, this salad will make its mark on the table.

caprese salad

It’s impossible to make the best 5 cold salads without mentioning one of the most appreciated: caprese. This simple recipe is ready in 10 minutes With only 3 ingredients ideal. If you have no inspiration or laziness in cooking, this salad is made for you!

Tomato salad, nectarines, burrata

Nectarines, mint, tomato and burrata: perfect power ! It’s the perfect balance between the freshness of tomato and mint, the sweetness of nectarines and the taste of burrata. A treat that, once you taste it, is live validated!

15 minutes

1 nice salad

Watermelon and feta salad

You may not have thought about it, but this combination has already proven itself! It is a simple, quick and above all economical recipe idea, as it requires only two ingredients for its preparation. Use part of the watermelon to make this salad, and with the other half, make homemade granita or ice cream!

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