5 recipes with eggs – what to do with a surplus of Easter chocolate? – New Michelin stars: discover our selection of Walloon Gourmands’ gastronomy

Spring Detox by Mary Alice Pontus

Everyone has their own way of celebrating the coming of spring. Some rush to the nursery to spruce up their gardens, others flock to the stores to find the perfect dress, and then there are those who look forward to their upcoming feasts on the porch.

No need to tell you what box I’m going to…because a simple ray of sunshine instantly awakens the taste buds. Because spring is synonymous with rejuvenation on the plate with a lot of good products that we often missed. Flip cabbage, leeks and other parsnips to garnish a basket of asparagus, radishes, lettuce, strawberries or even rhubarb…

Then spring, I also see it a bit like a big stomach cleanse after the holiday excesses. A way to live healthier by making good food decisions before summer arrives and the painful bikini challenge.

But that was before Friday. Because since my car was covered in white glaze, I have a craving for raclette cheese. Is he a serious doctor?


Eggs in a potato casserole, mimosa chicks Easter …. Discover 5 recipes with eggs for Easter

Hard-boiled, well-boiled, hard-boiled, sweet, salty … eggs in all shapes for Easter.

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Chicken fillet, pesto rosso and mozzarella cheese

Cordon Bleu style, here’s a special recipe for chicken stuffed with mozzarella and covered in breadcrumbs full of flavour.

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Seven hours of lamb

It’s a meal that’s made the night before, and simmered…for the taste buds’ delight.

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What do you do with a surplus of Easter chocolate?

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Every year, egg hunts multiply and we always end up with an incredible amount of chocolate eggs, rabbits and chickens. If hiding it in the vegetable drawer has no effect on the gourmet, we give you three recipes to share to sell all that chocolate before the liver attacks.

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Walloon Butter: A Legacy to Be Appreciated

Lionel Maisin and Max Godfriaux have just launched Belgian Butter, which is 100% Belgian Pasture Butter. And their ambition does not stop there.

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Michelin: 3 stars for French chefs Arnaud Donkelly and Dimitri Droisnot

Two Chefs, Two Ways But Three Stars: France’s Arnaud Donkelly and Dimitri Droisneaux featured Michelin Guide Tuesday in a new selection that celebrates the vitality and resilience of French gastronomy, undermined by a two-year health crisis.

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The 2022 Michelin Red Guide Awards Ceremony in Cognac on March 22, 2022. © Jean-Marc Lemerre.
The 2022 Michelin Red Guide Awards Ceremony in Cognac on March 22, 2022. © Jean-Marc Lemerre. © Photo News

Chimay Grande Reserve Barrique has arrived

Since mid-March, Bières de Chimay has been selling their 2022 version of Trappist Grande Réserve, fermented for 6 months in casks that once contained Belgian whiskey.

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the restaurant

We tested the Relais de l’Ourthe in Juppille

A cozy hostel in the Ardennes that has been updated without betraying its past. They have kept the old oak beams, but serve appetizers by the pool.

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