5 super cold drink recipes to sip on during a heat wave

Modernity alert! The thermometer keeps climbing for our ultimate happiness, a perfect opportunity to prepare delicious homemade drinks to cool off without falling into the trap of too sweet drinks! Here are 5, super easy to make that will change your days this summer!

It is important to stay well hydrated on hot days and change the water, we suggest 5 great drink ideas you can sip on To quench your thirst. First of all, for long-term cooling, we make a low-sugar drink accompanied by ice cubes. Then, prepare it in advance to eat it very fresh when the time is right. 🍹❄️

What about the good Homemade lemon juice (Yes, it is possible, very simple and really tasty), from A ice teaEssential drinks to make at home, or even Authentic mocktails To surprise your guests? Anyway, our simple and easy-to-use recipe ideas to quench your thirst all summer long will win you over!

Mint iced tea

Summer essentials to quench your thirst: iced tea. This simple recipe can be prepared in just 10 minutes, all you have to do is put the iced tea in the fridge for 6 hours before tasting.

To make your own iced teayou can use a file cruet Or if you want to leave your iced tea to self-serve during the day, for an aperitif, a family meal or an event, use drinking water fountain (It’s really practical and hot!).

quick lemonade

Making homemade lemonade is possible and really amazing! This recipe is ready in Only 5 minutes , it’s magic! If, like us on the editorial staff, you like sipping your lemonade very fresh during the summer, sometimes garnished with mint, peaches or why not drink lemonade, try this recipe ASAP!

Peach mocktail, green mojito style

Here is an idea The original mocktail With peaches, mojito-style, they’re perfect for having in large salad bowls or in juice fountains while dinner with family or friends. It is a really refreshing drink, not too sweet and you can drink it without moderation.

Raspberry Passion Mint Mocktail

Here’s another mocktail idea, but this time more exotic! Passion, berries, triple mint work well, thirst quenchers and above all this ready-to-eat recipe. 3 steps only It is achieved in triple movements! In your mocktails, get ready, go!


You can not miss this drink during the summer! Prepared from only 4 ingredients, this lemonade quenches thirst. All you have to do is squeeze the lemon and orange, soak them in boiling water with sugar, rest, and you’re done! Here we give you more tips for making a good lemonade.

Author’s advice :
“You can sift the lemon juice to remove the pulp, or leave it as is. Serve well cooled.”

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