6 amazing ideas for 100% chocolate recipes to wow your loved ones

Are you looking for sweets for Easter meal? The new Marmiton Challenge can help you find inspiration! Our talents put chocolate in the spotlight by offering surprising recipes for this celebration. Curious, isn’t it? It’s a perfect opportunity to stock up on good ideas, so… go ahead and find them!

What are we preparing for Easter?

To impress your loved ones, we bring you all the recipes our talents have imagined for this challenge! A few original cupcakes, a lot of super gourmet giant eggs, but above all a passionate chocolaty dessert…in every recipe, you’ll find a surprise when slicing. Shall we discover them together?

Easter Surprise Cake from Lisa

If there’s one cake that will wow your loved one to round off their Easter dinner, it’s Lisa’s cake. This giant egg shaped cake consists of a very soft sponge cake, a spreadable ganache, and in the middle…the little chocolate eggs are hidden! Appetizing, isn’t it? Here is the recipe:

Chocolate surprise eggs, pralines and crunchy mousse from Frédéric

Looking for a comforting dessert that will give you the dose of chocolate you need? Choose Frederic’s recipe. It’s a surprise chocolate egg, stuffed with crunchy praline mousse and a white chocolate ganache center. Pure joy!

Easter chocolate souffle from Aya

To make you melt with pleasure, Aya made a chocolate souffle. privacy called? Its heart so runny it makes your mouth water… Want to taste it too? Check out her recipe:

Carrot cake surprised Elena

To be 100% in Easter shape, Elena stole some carrots from bunnies to make a carrot cake that would hide tiny chocolate eggs. This is an original recipe that is easy to prepare with children. Check the recipe:

Easter pancakes from Audrey

This is the trend of the moment! In recent weeks, pancakes have spread on social networks. Audrey, in turn, decided to highlight this Easter recipe, by filling her muffins with chocolate. It is simply delicious, and above all, it is quick to prepare.

Charlotte Laurent and Angelique were surprised

To take you back to childhood and eat a few bites, bet on Charlotte Laurent and Angelique Chocolates. A few lady fingers, a good dose of Bavarian chocolate cream, and you’re done. And to make a chocolate charlotte this Easter, add some multicolored eggs to the center of the cake! Taste these wonders by following their recipe:

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