6 Super Simple Seasonal Recipes for a Successful Summer Opener!

Our summer evenings include: an aperitif. This long-awaited moment when we find ourselves with family or friends over salty bites to discuss and decompress. carried out my thoughts? We present to you 6 seasonal recipes that are easy to delight all your guests during the summer!

During the holidays, whether you work or not, you will always find time to sit as a couple, with family or friends, for an aperitif. If you need to prepare a file Improvised aperitif Or the dinner task has been assigned to you, you must have had ideas! Appetizing rolls? it’s done. Sun pie pesto? same.
To help you prepare a simple and gourmet aperitif with seasonal vegetables, We deliver to you 6 cannon recipes ! 😍

Small tart, ready in just 30 minutes, mini pizza on sliced ​​zucchini, eggplant caviar for dipping, but a lighter version or even stuffed cherry tomatoes, stock upNew summer ideas To please everyone at the table! 🍴

Tomato, eggplant and anchovies tart

We can’t resist this pie, ready inside 30 minutes best time! It’s a simple and quick idea that brings back Southern air at appetizing time. For convenience, cut it into small strips or squares in advance. Put on self-serve napkins or sheets and let them invite you to devour them.

Mini pizza on zucchini slices

Another quick recipe that is ready in 30 minutes. Here, the zucchini is not in the topping, but is used as a base to replace pizza dough. It is convenient to eatDelicious and fresh! Everyone will love it.

Light eggplant caviar

To treat yourself to no limits, here’s a lighter version of eggplant caviar! Dip in breadsticks And voila!

Small vegetarian clafoutis with goat cheese as an appetizer

a salty clafoutisYou should have thought about it! In the mini version, it’s the perfect recipe to prepare in a jiffy for appetizers. It’s beautiful, functional, and the goat pepper duo is a sensation.

smoked salmon cucumber dessert appetizer

The idea of ​​freshness of our choice! Cucumber and salmon are found on a skewer, giving you a bite that’s ready in just 15 minutes. Good idea for an impromptu aperitif.

Handful of stuffed cocktail tomatoes for garnish

We chop the tomatoes with a little fresh cheese and the result is amazing! These cherry tomatoes will leave high on your appetizer table. Ready in 15 minutes And with no triples, it’s a good idea to finish off leftover cheese and fresh grass from the fridge.

Our recipes for an aperitif for less than 2 euros per person

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