7 cooking apps that will solve the dinner dilemma

Whether it’s National Cooking Day or just a dinner night dilemma, these cooking apps can turn that moment when there’s nothing to eat into a delicious dish. Sometimes the tastiest bite can be discovered with one extra click.

For many people, this smart device is constantly in their hands. From scrolling through social media to diversions from the daily slump, those screens are getting people’s attention. While some home cooks love their tried-and-true paperback cookbooks, others prefer the ease of clicking their way to another innovative dining experience.

With so many cooking apps available, the folder can be overflowing with options. From magazine-based shows to huge media brands, it might seem like everyone has an app for that specific type of food. While variety is the spice of life, it can also be a bit overwhelming.

When choosing which cooking apps deserve a major screen space, consider how and why they are used. If you don’t follow a vegan lifestyle, this specialized app may not be necessary. Or, if you’re just starting out on a culinary journey, high-quality recipes can be too complicated. Like many smart decisions, it’s best to think before you blindly click.

Here are 7 cooking apps FoodSided turns to over and over again.


Who doesn’t love these delicious videos? This application contains more than 3000 recipes. Choose to filter by ingredients, cuisine or even special occasions, there’s a great dish waiting to be discovered.


Tastemade has become a force in the world of food television. By applying it, it borrows some traits from its popular software. From budget meals to thinking beyond the plate, Tastemade immediately grabs attention. This app does not require a subscription.

Food Network Kitchen

Who doesn’t turn to the Food Network for culinary inspiration? On its app, there are Food Network’s exclusive recipes, grocery delivery options, and more.


From grocery shopping to coordinating favorite recipes, Yummly does a quick job of planning meals. This application simplifies the entire process.

Allrecipes . Dinner Spinner

Need some support from real home chefs? All of these recipes come from the home kitchen. This cooking app proves that anyone can conquer the kitchen.

easy recipes

Sometimes the best ideas are simple. With Easy Recipes, the idea is a dish that anyone can master. Skip the tongs and go back to great-tasting dishes.

Thistle vegetarian recipes

As more and more people look to add vegetarian food options to their weekly menu, this cooking app focuses on the flavor in every dish. With easy instructions, it makes incorporating vegan recipes into the meal planning process possible.

What cooking applications have become essential for your kitchen? Have cooking apps replaced cookbooks in your world?

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