7-Eleven Woman Made Employee Day with a plate of home-cooked food

Small acts of kindness can have the biggest impact, and TikTok user Demi Lee experienced this firsthand. After visiting a 7-Eleven gas station in Las Vegas to pick up some light fluids, Lee learned that the cashier was working hours without a break to stop and eat a meal. Instead of just sympathizing with him and getting on with her day, the kind customer promised to come back with dinner for the weary employee. According to Lee, he didn’t think she would actually keep her promise.

To the astonishment of the hardworking cashier, he returned to me later that night with a full plate of food for the man. She signs up preparing the delicious dish, loads it into her car, and drives to the mostly abandoned 7-Eleven. When I entered the door, the same employee let out an audible beep. “I told you I would be back,” she joked in the video. Lee caught the man on camera excitedly opening her surprise care package to reveal a home-cooked meal of macaroni, cheese, beans, and ribs. “You are the best,” he told me, raising his hands in a gesture of gratitude. “I’m eating it now!”

After Lee posted her cute random act on TikTok, it immediately went viral. The video has garnered nearly 6 million views, over a million likes, and nearly 9,000 comments since it was posted on December 13. Several commenters mention how good the food looks, while most of them praise me for her thoughtful work. “As a gas station worker specifically a night shift, you have no idea how important the smallest things are to us. A lot of passive people walk every day,” one person wrote.

“Over the years, I’ve worked so many times on holidays because I didn’t have any kids. When someone brings me a plate of food they cook themselves, I thank them very much, and then when they left, I went alone and cried like children,” added another commentator.

Due to the positive reaction the first video was receiving, Lee decided to make the second and return to 7-Eleven to visit the cashier and inform him that the video had gone viral. Seeing her again, he immediately reached out to shake her hand and thanked her for her kindness. “I was hungry too, and I couldn’t get out of here,” he says, explaining how much the food meant to him. I had worked 16 hours that day. you just made my day.”

Since her first attempt went well, Lee decided to continue feeding the hardworking gas station employees in her community. Take suggestions in the comments about where you should make her next surprise visit. You can even help her by donating it so she can buy ingredients to make home-cooked meals for workers who are underappreciated in her area. Be sure to follow Lee on TikTok to keep up with impromptu sponsorship package deliveries.

TikTok user Demi Lee brought a plate of food to a 7-Eleven gas station employee who didn’t have a meal break.

I think I was lying. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face 😂 ##fyp シ ## SnowballFightAgainstHunger ♬ Original soundtrack – Demi Lee’

Her simple act of kindness went viral, so she made the second part to let the grateful cashier know.

@demilee64Part 2 As promised, it’s safe to say he enjoyed it ❤️ ♬ Original soundtrack – Demi Lee’

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All photos via Demi Lee.

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