7 ideas for an informal appetizer recipe!

Appetizer time permeates our summer holidays. With family or friends, we like to get together and especially for a snack. Only, we don’t always want to put the small plates in the big plates! So we bring you 7 recipe ideas for an informal aperitif.

As well said Such asThe Happiness is found in the simple things… well to Aperitifhe is The same ! No need to pass hours in the kitchen In the middle of summer to impress your guests. forget they Duplicate combinations or too much A native. subordinate appetizers delicious and more classic You will do too Good dealYour friends will be very happy. As you understand, the ideal option is to bet Safe betsrecipes based on cold meat, From Cheese and olives It is often popular with most people. a good eveningBasically friendliness ! So, we give you ideas for receipts easy And the fast to share a commodity Moment A native And the no fuss.

What do we put on the table for an aperitif without fuss?

Informal aperitif Not Not necessarily a synonym From Industrial Appetizing Biscuits. verb Homepagefast and good, maybe ! you only have a little inspiration – inspirationso we help you by introducing it to you Some recipe ideas to know. easy to prepare, Toast Always a great success. You can pimp them as you like. Fresh cheeses, rillettes, tapenades, ham...everything goes well with the toast from Toast or some blinis. in the same register, dipsLike the humus where is the guacamoleManufacture anger ! these sauces be perfect to prepare a Appetizing without fuss. dip in it bread fingerssubordinate Crunchy vegetablesyou will see, It’s delicious ! The wraps but also puff pastry Allow to get a nice and good view in no time. they Appetizer at all everythinglike manysalty sweet ingredients. then, Have fun !

display sideYou don’t need to take out the silverware. to beautiful dishesAnd the Wooden planks and spears Suitable for the occasion! Your guests won’t want to leave your house!

gourmet toast

delicious sauces

Crunchy vegetables

Mini Bites

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