7 Recipe Ideas to Remember for the Holidays!

Aperitif, meals by the sea, you just got back from vacation, you only have one desire… come back. To fulfill half of your desire, we suggest you stay away from everything. Discover 7 recipe ideas to remember the holidays!

The holidayshe is is overbut the Fruits and vegetables From seasonAnd the not yet ! So don’t bother scale downDo you still gladly ! Put in your Plates What reminds you of you? delicious moments the summer. subordinate the colorThe costssubordinate Saladsubordinate Grills… Selection easy meals to do and refreshing. No need to spend hours behind the stove. Choose simple recipes like you’re coming back from the beach!

The weekendIf time permits, you can continue to take Aperitif In thethe outside. enjoy your Balcony or your garden with your friends or your family. Prepare an appetizing dish, La Bon Franquette style, with cheesesubordinate delicatessen…and oh presto, if you close your eyes, you’ll almost be on vacation!

So that you get the impression that you are running away from your daily life when you leave the office, here are 7 recipe ideas full of sunshine!

problem salads

The Ready salads she is ours best friends during our holidays summer, but also in Exit The Desk. In the evening, you do not know Not what we eat and you don’t have I have no desire to spend a lot of time kitchen ? So do you make a file remake for you favorite salads this season the summer. made of lettuceFrom macaroniFrom rice, From potatoes… choose what suits your taste and desires. Then decorate your plate with goodness Tomatoes juicy feta cheeseFrom tuna or pork meat And it’s ready! You can also add files fresh fruits for one salty sweet touch. Do not forget perforatedThis makes the difference!

One thing, you won’t get tired of it!

Watermelon salad, feta cheese, ham

sun vegetables

zucchiniAnd the eggplantAnd the TomatoesAnd the Pepper…This winning combo reminds us wonderfully the noon From holidays. We eat them all the way And they go great with Grills For summer. So, even if you see more of your classmates than the sun right now… you can still for cooking these vegetables and fill with vitamins. choose Tien Provencal Who will raise you? moral. Easy to cookThis dish conquered they big Like the young. You can also put these sunny vegetables in a file Emptya cake or even good ones lasagna.

Garlic and Provencal herbs will take you straight to the shores of the Mediterranean!

Tien Provencal

cold soup

for you memories The Lovely timewhat is better than enjoy a cold soup ? in hall or inAperitifthey gazpachos where is the velvety they always welcome. The zucchini Perfect for this type of Recipe. Can be paired with TomatoesThe cream cheesebut also aromatic plants such as Mint or even basil. The association of tomato, watermelon or watermelon is not bad at all either, it is very good refreshing !

All you have to do is let your imagination run wild!

Cold zucchini and tomato soup


What if we light up Barbecue one time weekend ? The‘the summer You won’t taste the same without them Famous grills. Actually, it mandatory pass we’ve got holidays. All year round, we just dream about it! Meat, fish and vegetables…anything goes and we love it! So if you are lucky enough to own a home, take advantage of the good days to continue to make the whole family happy. cook your bream or your beefEat Outside And there you will feel holiday tune. You can also enjoy making a file sweets to me Barbecue. The Banana with chocolate or even Hot Camembert It will leave you speechless!

Break the routine of work through the little everyday pleasures, especially barbecues!

Sea bream en papillote on barbecue

delicious pancakes

easy And the fast to prepare pancakes Always saves you when you don’t have it no time. The whole family loves it. On vacation, you love carry everywhere with you. At home, they are very Exercise In the evening laziness. Infinitely adjustableDelicious pancake recipes vary according to seasons. But to have the impression back from Beach Every time you taste one, you prefer to decorate it bright vegetables. You will love the one with eggplantAnd the TomatoesAnd the Parmesan cheese World Health Organization exchange A little bit of classic pie in TomatoesAnd the mustard And the tuna.

To puff pastry, let’s go!

Aubergine, tomato and parmesan tart

sweet pancakes

and the sweets in all that? Ago holidaysYou love to pamper yourself and finish your meals on sweet note. The‘the summerwith the heatthey the fruit Very present on our tables and chocolate a little less. The sweet pancakes Thus they are the right compromise to treat yourself with a boost the fruit the favorite. to me apricotto me plumto me raspberryto me peach…everyone benefits. this is candy Lighthouse Summer season will remind you sweet evenings. for gluttonyyou can accompany your share of pungent From a delicious ball of ice Vanilla flavour.

Don’t wait, stock up on fruit!

Vine peach tart

fruit juices

The smoothieThe Code For summer. refreshing And the greedyYou like to drink this Drink Hassan Fresh On Beach. but even in HomepageYou can indulge yourself and reproduce your best self juices From holidays. easy to dothis is Recipe perfect for 4 hours where is the weekend With or without the sun. You don’t need a lot of ingredients, just some fruitFrom little milk (Vegetarian version possible) and some spices If you want it like cinnamon For more flavour.

Your whole family will be delighted and your children will demand more!

My juice in San Francisco

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