7 ways to use it to improve your recipes?

Nuts can add a touch of crunch to your sweet and savory recipes and that’s the case with hazelnuts! Discover our ideas and recipes to spice up your dishes and desserts and pamper yourself.

All over the world, approx 850 thousand tons Hazelnuts are produced annually. A character that makes your head spin! and she is there Turkey Who stands on the first rung of the podium, with 75% of global production of hazelnut. In second place on the podium is Italy with its fame Piedmont hazelnut. France ranks seventh in the ranking and accounts for 1% of the world’s hazelnut production. If you want to taste the French hazelnut, most of the hazelnut plantations are located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and in particular in Cancun, in the Lot-et-Garonne department.

This is brown gold with white flesh Harvested between September and November And it is a real advantage of our recipes, as it brings them a crunchy and delicious dish. its advantage? It can be used in all its forms: ground, whole, roasted … We will tell you how to use it to improve your dishes and give you some recipes to prepare at home with hazelnuts!

Did you know ? Hazelnuts are rich in protein, fiber and good fats! It also allows you to get full quickly.

7 ways to improve your hazelnut recipes


Hazelnuts can be used whole, once they are removed from their skin Decorate cakes and sweets but Also to add flavor and flavor to your food the soup or your biscuit.
a little more:
You can roast (roast over an open fire) whole hazelnuts. This will allow the flavors to dry out and concentrate.

Find delicious whole, peeled hazelnuts from Cancun, the self-proclaimed hazelnut capital of France—it’s right here at Koki.


Falling small pieces of crushed hazelnuts into a sweet or savory dish is a real pleasure! There are many ways to use it! Why not put a drizzle of ground hazelnuts on a carrot cakeat hazelnut soup or roll Fried egg mullet (We tasted it in the Southwest and it’s great)!

To make this soft boiled egg with hazelnuts, prepare the recipe below, “soft boiled egg” and add some ground hazelnuts to the breadcrumbs. The result is amazing, and the light taste of nut butter imparts tenderness and delicacy to the eggs.

in oil

It tastes richer and more pronounced than olive oil, hazelnut oil is ideal for seasoning cold saladbut also to make marinate meat. On the sweet side, it is the main ingredient of cream homemade spread !

in the smell

Hazelnut flavor is the perfect ingredient to pimp your recipes Especially your cakes. For example the recipe for Dziriettes, which is an Algerian pastry. Add a few drops to the Dziriettes filling according to your taste and voila, you are a traveler. You can also add, to your taste, to sponge cakes, yogurt cakes or even macaroons (4 drops) to increase the taste of hazelnuts.


make your own Hazelnut puree. Why this ? It is useful for many recipes like hazelnut cake, mini pots of hazelnut cream, super smooth cake pan, or even pancakes! We slipped you Hazelnut puree recipeYou’re at home, it’s very simpleSimply cook the hazelnuts, remove the remaining skin between your hands, add to a blender with hazelnut oil, 2 chopper turns, and you’re ready! Speed ​​and efficiency level Mini Kitchen Aid Cutter It is our favourite! It’s +: Comes in several colors, perfect for matching or adding a bit of color to your kitchen!

We have more than 20 mashed hazelnut recipes on marmiteFeel free to type the keyword “nut puree” into the search bar to find other recipes to use.

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in powder

Hazelnut powder contains 650 calories per 100 grams! she high calorie content, Thanks to the fat contained in hazelnuts. But let’s stop talking about numbers, they are also great protein source Vegetables, magnesium, iron and the basic (Ideal to consume for bowel comfort)!

Lots of good reasons to make recipes with hazelnut powder. Here are recipe ideas where you can find them, personally we love the delicious hazelnut purée, it reminds us of those of our grandmothers.

in milk

Excellent hazelnut milk Cow’s milk alternative. It’s perfect for people who are lactose intolerant and even for gourmets who want to test their recipes with vegan milkshakes!
Why not prepare rice pudding with hazelnut milk? You love cannelés, this is a Bordeaux delicacy, but You are lactose intolerant ? Don’t panic, this is the solution below with a recipe for hazelnut milk. Finally, for a snack, eat a delicious meal Buckwheat porridge And hazelnut milk.

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