9 products whose recipe can be changed without notice

“We discovered that The recipes of many foods may change due to supply problems due to the war in Ukraine‘,” the NGO FoodWatch announced in a petition launched on Friday, April 1, 2022. Some players in the agri-food industry, who need to continue producing their own food, can replace sunflower oil with other ingredients that are not necessarily beneficial to health and even less from the universe.

Palm oil and GMOs: two alternatives to sunflower oil

“Instead of sunflowers, we You will find rapeseed oil or palm oil. and the Imports of genetically modified soybean powder from America for animal feed It will also break out,” the association explains. Product reformulations, ingredient changes… FoodWatch is also involved Consumers are not informed of new manufacturing processes. And with good reason, the European Association of the Vegetable Oil and Protein Meals Industry has already declared that “downstream operators responded quickly by making a decision Rework their product recipes to replace sunflower oil. In the case of frying oils, sunflower oil has been replaced by palm oil, soybean oil, and rapeseed oil.“.

Camille Dorios, agronomist and campaign manager for the NGO Foodwatch, recalls that two years ago, “in the midst of the Covid crisis, operators have already reformulated their products without alerting us.” Thanks to the organization’s lobbying at the time, the government then imposed complete transparency. In this specific case, Mr. Dorioz explains that since “manufacturers are already changing some recipes elsewhere in Europe”, it’s just days in France. “this time, We pressure manufacturers to commit to real-time, direct product reporting of ingredient changesand explain it. Because the crisis should not be used as an excuse for abuse or a lack of consumer information.”

Through a petition, signatures sent each evening to the leaders of major retailers as well as to the lobby of the agri-food industry, FoodWatch calls for “ Completely transparent and without delay information on the reformulation and its rationale: allergens, origin, modified ingredients, quantity, nutritional values, flavors Especially”.

but concretely, Products that could be affected by this reformulation ? List with pictures.

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