The Recipe: Make Yogurt…with Bacteria

September 26, 2022 – Yannick Bergeron, chemist yum! Good bacteria yogurt! Does this experience make you hungry? However, yogurt is produced by bacteria. Try it ! Yogurt making equipment and ingredients: coverage A great deal little pot aluminum foil wooden spoon large measuring cup Few mason jars skimmed milk powder 3.25% milk cooking thermometer 1 … Read more

List of the week: Recipe ideas from Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October

At the end of September, many products are back on the shelves, like sweet potatoes or butternut squash, in shades of orange that herald the onset of fall. Moreover, this season, many spices with the same rich flavors invite into the kitchen, subtly enhancing our weeknight meals. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, and paprika are highlighted, and … Read more

Organic Recipe: Wok Of Vegetables And Organic Soba Noodles With Organic Seasoning Blend Asian Flavors Cook

Show slide show Prepare 20 minutes cooking 10 minutes Covered 2 difficulty budget Here is an easy recipe for a very tasty, healthy and easily digestible dish based on vegetables and soba noodles (gluten-free Japanese buckwheat noodles with a pleasant nutty taste). Health information: Soba noodles, while stuffing, are low in calories and low in … Read more

Recipe – Plum Pie

Serves 6 to 8 people | Preparation 40 minutes | Cooking 1 h 15 | Rest 7 hours in all To prepare short pastries 250 g flour 190 g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature 5 g Guérande Fleur de Sel 3.5 grams fine sugar ½ egg yolk 5 cl of whole milk, at room … Read more

French Bread with Raspberries and Almonds: This is the recipe for Hanna de Cain

by Matthew Gerrard Posted in September 25 22 at 9:35 freedom kayne see my news Follow these media Raspberry and Almond French Bread: This is a henna recipe from Caen (Calvados). © Hanna Granotier In cooperation with Caen’s side (Calvados), Liberty Serves you regularly Simple and effective recipecomplicityHanna GranottierWorkshop creator Well on his plate. This … Read more

RECIPE Fruit Crumble: Chef Philippe Etchebest shares his tips for a very tasty preparation

Caramel is an instant dessert with very few ingredients. Chef Philip Echebest shares his recipe and tips for creating the perfect dough. As a bonus, he is entrusted with a mixture of fruits that he prefers to crumble gourmets. Very English, caramel is a last-minute dessert and an ingredient we generally have in the cupboard … Read more