A delicious and anti-aging recipe from Slow Cosmétique but also an eco-treasure

Peach is good, eat it. We already knew. But plum kernel oil, we didn’t know. Julian Quebec tells us everything.

The environmental crisis is here. With it, we see new practices emerging, such as recycling, which consists of using things that are meant to be disposed of for other uses. Recycling is found in the technical industry, but also recently in cosmetics. Plum oil or plum kernel oil is a good example.

What is plum oil?

It is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing plum pits. Once upon a time, these cores were and still are lost in most parts of the world.

In Gascony, a family business has had an idea for years: squeezing organic peach pit almonds, which the area produces in droves. Since then, Natalie Barrier and her family have been producing and making oil from prunes and other oilseeds (walnut oil, but also and above all plum oil).

Plum oil contains good fatty acids (omega 6 and 9), as do olive oil or sweet almond oil.

Extra-virgin plum oil contains up to 15 mg of vitamin E per 100 grams of oil. This is a lot and this makes it a good anti-aging and anti-oxidant oil. Its richness in vitamin E allows it to withstand the regulatory functional claim related to the protection of cell membranes.

In addition, it has a subtle delicious aroma reminiscent of marzipan. This makes it a very gourmet oil for desserts or cakes, and also a delicious cosmetic oil for body massage and nourishment.

How to use plum oil?

If you have dry or mature skin, simply massage three drops into your face and neck after cleansing each evening.

If you want to take vitamin E, you should put a teaspoon of this oil in yogurt, pudding or sauce every day, replacing another source of fat.

And peaches, do they have the same effect?

No, but plums are also good for your health!

We should consume it in many cases:

  • Constipation or indigestion: Plums are rich in fiber and low in salt: they are very easy to pass through.
  • Prevention of oxidative diseases: Plum contains vitamin E and antioxidants that protect the colon in particular, as well as the cardiovascular field.
  • Fatigue: It’s a calorie bombshell, and it doesn’t contain any fats or salts. Rich in potassium, which is useful for the pH of the blood. But be careful not to consume it if you already have a lot of potassium.

be careful :

  • No more than 5-6 prunes per day, not every day. If we consume it every day, it will be 3 max
  • Choose your plums wisely: French, organic, and pitted, allowing slow-moving cosmetic brands to turn them into beauty oils.

You can find more information about plum oil brands for French cosmetics on the association’s website: https://www.slow-cosmetique.org

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