A New Year’s Resolution: Learn how to cook vegan food

Thinking of upgrading your vegan cooking next year? We have enough to turn your idea into an achievable New Year’s resolution. There’s nothing wrong with ordering vegan eating, putting together a fast food group, or baking a frozen pizza, but if you’re ready to take your kitchen skills to the next level, this virtual cooking program is for you! Rouxbe, pronounced “ROO-be” or “Ruby,” is a leading online culinary school specializing in plant-based education. From knives skills and cooking basics to intricate vegetarian recipes, Rouxbe is designed to teach cooking techniques to last a lifetime in the comfort of your kitchen. It’s the season to finally set the 2022 goal. For a resolution worthy of making in the New Year, learn how to cook vegan with Rouxbe!

This virtual cooking school specializes in vegetarian cooking

Rouxbe is more than just a cooking show, recipe site, or set of online courses. This virtual cooking school specializes in vegetarian cooking, and over 650,000 students around the world learn from expert chef instructors and receive personalized feedback on their homemade orders. This virtual cooking program is offered entirely online, and students have access to all tech videos in a timely manner. Rouxbe offers live events with chef instructors and opening hours, but students can watch transcripts at a later time. While Rouxbe provides a suggested timeline and syllabus to keep you on track, classes and exercises can be completed in your own time – we love the set of paced courses. This means that budding chefs who work or are in school can add Rouxbe courses and certifications to their resumes and build their culinary skill set.

Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Course

Depending on what you’re looking for, Rouxbe offers different entry points and a variety of virtual offerings. Beginners can opt for the “Introduction to Plant-Based Cooking” course, while those looking to delve deeper into the field of plant-based cooking may opt for the recently updated “Professional Plant-Based” courses. Rouxbe’s “Plant-Based Pro” course is a six-month course featuring vegan-friendly cooking content, complete with new technology videos, how-tos, and recipes. Recently updated topics include brewing, grilling, food photography, meat substitutes, bread making, international flavors and desserts – some seriously good stuff! The Culinary School also features specialized courses, including “Culinary Rx,” a course created by the Plantrician Project to empower students with their transition to a more health-supportive diet and lifestyle. With a variety of vegan-friendly offerings, Rouxbe offers the cooking courses you need to cook!

Register now at Rouxbe.com/VegOut

To help keep you accountable, give a Rouxbe Gift Card to a close friend or family member, and learn the technique-focused approach to plant-based cooking together. Let the essential techniques and knowledge behind vegan cooking enable you to live a sustainable and delicious vegan lifestyle. 2022 is the year to wow your friends and family, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, with your new skill set. Don’t let another year pass with mediocre culinary skills. Visit Rouxbe.com/VegOut to learn more about vegetarian-friendly cooking programs. Currently, courses are 25% off through December 28, and the next set of classes begin January 4 – just in time to start the new year on the right foot!

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