A recipe for creating a youthful dream

As life becomes more modern, opportunities for study and work also improve. This means that parents push their children to develop their talents by studying in all fields so that they have a solid foundation in the future. The intent is excellent, but the method is against nature? Is this how your child wants to build his dreams?

“what is your dream ?”

Nguyen Thao Chi – 8 years old

I want to be a cat“An honest, surprising and innocent response,” Che replied.Why do you want to be a cat?“.”Parce qu’ils sont mignons et qu’ils sont toujours là pour moi quand je me sens triste ou heureuse, je veux être un chat pour être près de ma maman pour qu’elle soit moins fatiguée et pour être papa s’ de he’s sadChildren’s ideas may be simple, but they contain a lot of love for the world around them. The first thing, to build their dreams is emotional empathy, because they want empathy and being involved in every decision, but in the end they are all about making people feel better. You always have to feel comfortable. And the happiness around you.Currently, parents have begun to put children in place and shape their thinking to change their view of the world, but they forget about the simple joys of children.

So if only sympathy was enough…”Whatever I do, I just want to be happy in the future!Bang said. This 18-year-old is full of ambition and dreams, but with a choice, she wants to be happy first. It is not too difficult to understand, young people coming from “entering the world of adults will begin to face some difficulties and pressures. They still make a perfect future for themselves but accompany it with the freedom to do what they love, pursue what they love and believe that is what will make them happy no matter what they do.” At the stage, parents place high hopes on their children, giving them typical stress that invisibly makes them feel compulsive, short of breath, and afraid to share their thoughts and aspirations.

After graduating from university, starting to look for a job, taking care of myself and having to guarantee my happiness made me feel insecure and unable to imagine a particular destination. I understood everything my father said. They all want to see the truth of life someday. However, my parents are always there to comfort me, remind me and support me silently sometimes. I appreciate and thank them Mr. Tiên said. “When awareness is large enough, life bag is also grown, practical experience begins to integrate each other. At this stage, young people begin to realize that life is difficult when they leave the arms of their parents to start a business. However, they They don’t dare to complain or give in, what they need is their parents’ support to motivate themselves to keep fighting and face hard facts.Make it a stepping stone to self transcendence.

At every stage of adulthood, every young person has a great self-awareness of life’s problems. From a simple child’s point of view the age at which one cherishes dreams and ambitions, and goes through the first steps in an adult’s life. However, accompanying the family at every stage plays an essential role in the formation of young people and their outlook on life. Every parent has a different way of raising their children, because when they are born, they also learn through life. Therefore, every young man should be self-aware and sympathize with their parents, and parents should listen to them and accompany them until the formula for building dreams is complete.

Ling Tho Tho Trang


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