A recipe halfway between Occitanie and Tahiti

Terra Fenua is the encounter between the two cultures that propelled Mathieu Marquet, the chef who created it: Occitanie, his adopted land, and Tahiti, where he was born. With this amazing sandwich, this Montpellier resident, director of the Le Go Fast food truck, competes on Wednesday at the Coupe de France du burger. This former mineralogist, who turned five years ago into a chef after a flurry of redundancy in his first job, combined the saltiness of Occitan products with the sweetness of exotic fruits typical of his native land.

“It’s too risky to serve such a burger, that’s right, smiles Mathieu Marquet. But this year’s theme was ‘Troubled burgers.'” I was spotted talking to me, and I wanted to create a burger that would honor my land. Quite a surprise to the jury’s taste. The chefs in Montpellier have a Pélardon cheese for a sandwich, “which I went to find on a goat farm, not far from my childhood village, near Béziers,” he said. The meat is Aubrac, smoked with caraway straw. On the sweet side, Mathieu Marquet chose to put in bananas and ham. Bread, mango, papaya and even a little pineapple in his burger.

red and yellow bread

Bread is also not like the others. Made by a local baker with fresh cream and olive oil, it’s red and yellow, like the flag of Occitanie, thanks to “a natural dye made from apples, black currants, and radishes,” says the chef. And on top there is a spiral shape reminiscent of the “traditional Polynesian tattoo”, kuru. The burger bun is topped with two kinds of sauces: homemade mayonnaise, seasoned with a touch of lemon yuzu and pineapple puree, and a barbecue sauce made with Hinano, a Tahitian beer.

The Terra Fenua by Mathieu Marquet – Emmanuel Grimaud

If Terra Fenua is too far from traditional meat, cheddar, and bacon, Mathieu Marquet has designed, according to him, a perfectly balanced recipe. “I trained a lot!” says the candidate from Montpellier. With sweetness that remains light. “Even someone who doesn’t have to be sweet and savory can appreciate it, that’s for sure!” says Mathieu Marquet. His companion, Helen, an expert on chitty in Belgian fries, was in first grade when Chef Herault developed his explosive recipe. “I, I’m not very objective, she smiles, but I think her burger can really make an impact! You have to know how to take a risk.”

At the moment, Go Fast customers haven’t been able to taste it yet. Only relatives of the spouses have this privilege, and they are “assembled,” continues Helen. “They really liked it! On Wednesday, a jury of about twenty experts – including a journalist from 20 minutes– It is headed this year by Chef Laurent Favre-Mot, which will have to be won. At stake, a check for 2,500 euros for the winner of the Coupe de France burger. And a hell of a spotlight.

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