Alexandre Devine presents a “ready-made” jura fondue recipe at La Chaumusse

Alexander, the cheese maker in front of the 300 liter portable boiler (© Jura Voice/GM)

to me la chomosAnd the Alexander Devine The Gura Fondue recipe offers “turnkey”: in a bag, it can be purchased at the store, or on request for an organized meal.

A former cheese maker of 10 years in France and 4 years in Switzerland, the determined thirty-year-old Alexandre is based in la chomoswants to market cheese fondue, ready to use in bags, as our Swiss neighbors have been doing for a long time, but it is made according to the recipe based on Jura cheese that has a secret.

The young man comes from the plain of central France. His father, a breeder farmer, was already making cheese from the milk of his cows. Il n’ a pas voulu reprendre la ferme, se sentant plutôt attiré par les montagnes des Alpes, puis celles du Jura, en intégrant l’Ecole Nationale d’Industrie Laitière de Poligny, dans ce Jura dont il dit to être a unmo peu one increment).

“Comtowa Delights”

Then he took his bag to gain experience as a cheesemaker in Haute-Savoie, Vosges, the Jura he would never leave, and in Switzerland. With a burning desire to create his own company, he decided a little over a year ago to put his Jura Fondue cheese concept into action.

Thus, Alexander Devin boils his enterprise on a low heat ” Comtoa Delights “By currently equipping themselves with a laboratory in Saint Laurent on Grandvaux Which is in the process of being completed, in order to realize his dream.

For purists, real Swiss fondue has half/half, Vacherin Fribourjois and Swiss Gruyere. Alexander wanted, he says, Adapting this texture of fondue and its base result to French cheese. The recipe is a mixture very close to my formula, prepared after many tests and tastings by my relatives and myself, to get the desired taste. “.

Fondue smoother

“The initial idea is to make it easier for consumers, using my hot preparations with wine to simply mix them without breaking their heads. Everything is written on the front of the individual bag. The desired effect is to be different from the traditional gua fondue, which is often made only with Comte cheese” .

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Portable boiler 300 liters

If you use only pressed cheese like Comté, or elsewhere Beaufort (Savoie and Haute-Savoie), or even Swiss Gruyère, a residual layer of oil is deposited on top. It is greasy and heavy to digest. With my recipe, we get smoother fondue “, trust.

From boiler to individual service
From boiler to individual service (© Jura Voice/GM)

fondue party

Not satisfied with it, our global cheese maker offers, upon request, fondue party, up to 600 people (its boiler is 300 liters, to cover a maximum appetite of 600 people). Thus, it was he who made the fondue at the beginning of September, which was very popular with motorcyclists who gathered for lunch during the trip to the Fort des Rousses des “ 1001 bends “.

And it is everywhere possible to eat a good fondue jura.
And it is everywhere possible to eat a good fondue jura. (© Jura Voice/GM)

He went to markets in the summer all over the strip. And this weekend Villard sur Bien was for a birthday party for 20…November 12th will be a wonderful first for Alexandre Devin, who organizes a giant fondue in every way at La Chaumusse.

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