Alison Roman Mounts returns with CNN + Cooking Show

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Alison Roman, a chef and cookbook author, will host her cooking show on CNN’s new streaming service this year, referring to her comeback after facing backlash in 2020 for making negative comments about model/influencer Chrissy Teigen and author Marie Kondo.

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The show, which CNN described as “very opinionated and never capricious”, will debut on the upcoming subscription streaming service CNN+ in the spring.

It’s Roman’s first big deal since she faced fallout in 2020 after she accused business-turned-model Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo, an author and organizational consultant on her Netflix show, of the sale.

In an interview with new consumer Published in May 2020 – promoting a new capsule range of kitchen gadgets – Romain Kondo criticized for taking out a range of household goods, saying it was “contrary to” Kondo’s advice that consumers keep things in their homes only that “make joy”. “

She also criticized Roman Teigen, saying that the way she was expanding her lifestyle brand “horrifies me and it’s not something I’d ever like to do”.

Some readers accused Roman of racism (both Teigen and Kondo are Asian) amid a broader account in the world of food media that has seen powerful figures such as good Appetite Editor Adam Rapoport steps down from previous comments.

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Stale Roman recipes often feature simple ingredients, a few pots and pans and can easily be made in small kitchens. This helped dishes like their spread The New York Times Leek pasta gained steam during the early days of the coronavirus lockdown in 2020. Her two cookbooks have sold a total of 450,000 copies.

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Teigen and her friend, journalist Yashar Ali, have taken to Twitter hello roman Which comments After the interview was first published. Both have since faced their own scandals: In May, old posts resurfaced on cyberbullying reality star Teigen, Courtney Stodden, Lindsay Lohan, and teen MomFarah Abraham, who was said to have prompted supermarkets to abandon their cookware line, and caused them to scale back their activity on social media. Ali disappeared from social media in June after that Los Angeles Magazine He published a scathing story detailing the inquisitive journalist’s past and reported fallout with his former friends, such as comedian Kathy Griffin and oil heiress Ariadne Getty. Ali wrote that he had been “unusually depressed” for nine months in a newsletter on Monday.

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