All recipes for Autumn Repeating List

When it comes to creating a menu with elegance and style, every step counts. The foods selected have no choice but to be as fresh as possible, in order to extract the maximum possible flavors, aromas and nutritional benefits. In the Primeur section, we turn to seasonal products in warm and orange tones. When choosing recipes, we focus on original and contrasting combinations, both in terms of colors and flavors as well as cooking and textures. Indeed, for fine dishes worthy of a top chef, nothing beats the perfect balance of tender and crunchy, cooked and raw, or even smoked and grilled.

elegant display

When dressing, nothing is left to chance, starting with the choice of dishes. For greater accuracy, we select the prepared portions individually, directly on the plate for each guest. Regardless of the recipe chosen, it is better to have a larger plate of food served, rather than one that is too small and will overflow with food. Like most chef restaurants, the smaller portions and portions promise an elegant look.

The perfect high-end fall menu

For a start, let yourself be drawn to a delicious bowl of capucha, baby squash, and black garlic. A vegetarian recipe that honors the Japanese cousin of green pumpkin: pumpkin kabocha, with a firm, flavorful flesh. Black garlic puree adds slightly sweet notes, which contrast with everything perfectly. You can prepare the rice in advance to focus on chopping seasonal vegetables. It should be cut into rectangular slices. On its side is a nut squash, pre-soaked in sugar and rice vinegar. Just before serving, mark the shallots and Japanese squash for a few minutes on the grill.

As a main dish, we melt for this preparation of grilled monkfish with butter, pumpkin, chard and quince sauce. Mash the pumpkin (or squash), while sear the fish skin down in a very hot skillet with a little oil and sage leaves. A recipe imagined by Chef Olive Daveau of Restaurant Sur Mer in Paris.

To end on a high note, there’s nothing quite like roses made from applesauce. They are sliced ​​in semicircles to form the petals, before slipping into jam-coated puff pastry. Bake for 45 minutes in muffin tins.

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