Angouleme: a recipe for 15 years of FFA success

On this anniversary, a hundred films are scheduled between Tuesday and Sunday in all the available rooms of the city: CGR, Cité de la Cité, Franquin, Spur … Ten feature films in competition …

On this anniversary, a hundred films are scheduled between Tuesday and Sunday in all the available rooms of the city: CGR, Cité de la Cité, Franquin, Spur … ten feature films in competition (read below); 24 Preview of the largest chests from the Pathé collection. More audience than ever on time, and always expect a crowd of stars on location: Danny Boone on Tuesday, Jean-Paul Rove and Michel Larroque on Wednesday, Sophie Marceau on Friday…if we only had to name a few names. How has Angouleme become, in fifteen years, the “place to be”, at the end of the holidays, for French cinema? response elements.

We want emotions and trials. We also want lighter things

loyal actors

It was from the first release in 2008. Line Renaud, 93, will release version 15e with dropgreat race, this Tuesday. And this is not the only actress who remained faithful to the festival. Among those who caused success, Fabrice Luchini, who returns regularly, cites Marie-France Brier. During the first festival, he “Crossed the crowd at Champ-de-Mars” To view the movie outdoors Paris. “It was the first time we saw black Champ-de-Mars with people”The delegate general smiles.

Jean Dujardin is too “recurring character”. In 2010, he introduced the Ice Cube Noise. Eight years later, around him and Yolande Moreau, it’s madness in the city. the couple‘I feel fine He drives through the crowd in a frantic limousine. Jean Dujardin is a friend of the festival, a friend of artists, a friend of people Describes Dominic Besnehard. He is manly, funny, friendly, he has talent. It is the French Rooster in the good sense of the word. » Above all, he does not hesitate to get away from the crowds and reserved places to live the city and its restaurants and bars. can access.

“In the beginning, the actors came because they liked Dominic Bisnehard.”Marie-France Brier slips. “They came to make us happy, confirmed this. Now everyone wants to do Angouleme. But we can’t take all the movies…”

attendance cards

If producers want to be here at the end of August, that’s also because Angoumois fans have a good reputation “clairvoyant”. Angouleme is a pressure gauge, confirms to Dominic Bisnehard, noting the successes at Charente. Starting with Intouchables in 2011. “We saw it without music, and it didn’t end. We didn’t know it was going to be such a hitMarie-France Brier notes. There was warm applause for six minutes in Angouleme. » Today it is the biggest French hit at the global box office.

after two years, Boys and Guillaume, to the table! It was awarded the Valois d’or and was acclaimed by the Angoumoisins: nearly three million were accepted into cinema. Angoulême has also been launched The meaning of the party in 2017. “It was the first time all the rooms were overcrowded”Remember Marie-France Brier. More than three million admissions in France. 2018: big bathroom It has been reviewed. The audience loves him. The film has achieved more than 4 million acceptances. Once again over a million: nine months companyAnd the give me wingsAnd the in the name of the earth

folk festival

Films that reflect like society little farmer where I like a lot, mourning plays, comedies to laugh at… The eclectic program is another element of this festival. For the 2022 edition, the two general delegates watched no less than 80 films. Those who are kept are those who love them; The ones for which “the point” by Marie France Brier “he moved”.

globally, “We want the Francophonie to be represented, They notice. There should be no emotions, feelings and adversities. We also want lighter things. » Dominic Bishard confirms it: “In Angouleme, we are not arrogant.” It refers to the invited personalities: like many intellectual actors and famous stars. He cites Annie Cordy and Patrick Fury as examples.

Accessible Permit

“not arrogant”it also means “Accessible”. In fifteen years, the entrance ticket has not changed: the festival ticket is sold for 25 euros and allows you to attend ten performances. Or 2.5 euros to watch a movie in competition or preview with the actors and directors. A good plan when you know that a cinema ticket today costs 10.20 euros. “I’m holding on”confirms to Dominic Bisnihard, his unwillingness to raise prices.

Furthermore, this year Cosmopolite recorded historic traffic sales. There are only a few dozen left this Saturday. As the cinema struggles to make money in this COVID exit, more than 2,700 people have mobilized. “For the first time, we will sell everything even before the festival begins”, rejoices Pascal Dolondel, Head of the Champ de Mars Library. Another proof of success is there: most of the sessions are already sold out. for 16eWe’ll have to push the walls.

Very Women’s Competition for the 15th Edition

Ten films in competition, including seven directed by women. among them : Annie Ungerby Blandine Lenoir, who traces the journey of a regional worker to have an abortion in the 1970s; Arlette by Mariloup Wolf, which depicts a fashion influencer who has been appointed Quebec’s Minister of Culture. There is, too mermaida young Algerian dancer, disabled after an attack, or Noémie who says yes who, at the age of fifteen, engages in prostitution himself during the Formula 1 Grand Prix.
“It is true that the competition is for the ladies this year. But it is not ideological or dogmatic.”Dominic Besnehard confirms. “We don’t do it because it’s trendy, Marie-France Brier adds. I hate #Metoo, I hate parity and I only trust the competition. » Prizes will be handed out on Sunday at the end of the festival week.

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