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Can chocolate be a safe haven in this troubling period, when the second round of presidential elections and current events have mixed against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine? This Friday, April 15, three days after Easter, the procession of customers continues at La Cabana Cacao, a handmade chocolate factory located on rue Anatole-France, in downtown Dornese. For ten days did not stop. It’s so good, it allows us to make up for a fairly nice start to the year,” smiled Marie Minnox and Thomas Lahurt, the couple behind the case.

Their charming little workshop of 27 square meters has been open since July 2020, the delicious aromas of chocolate immediately caress the nostrils, and soon finds its clientele, most of whom are year-round residents. “Originally, the idea was to stay together on our small business, but we quickly realized we couldn’t produce enough to please everyone,” followed Marie, the chocolatier, and Thomas, who was also recently involved in the production.

Chocolate sardines star rays

From now on, there are four people working at La Cabana Cacao: Océane Savina, a chocolatier, and Alexandra Departout, a saleswoman, who have strengthened the couple in order to allow the business to gain momentum. Thomas Lahurt smiles: “It’s really nice to have such friendly customer collaborators, who share the same values ​​as Mary and I and love the product.”

These products, specifically, are made from chocolate presses, small pellets purchased from three French companies and then the team worked in the open workshop, where you can observe the chocolate manufacturing process. “Aside from a few rare exceptions, like the chocolate beer made by Diaoul brewery, in Juch, everything sold in the store is made on site,” insist Thomas Lahorty and Marie Mino, who claim their eco-fiber even in their packaging. Where they avoid plastic as much as possible. Star products are sold in their store, chocolate sardines in metal cans made by the Franpak company in Dornenst.

Left to right: Thomas Laheurte and Marie Menoux, creators of La Cabana Cacao, Alexandra Departout, sales assistant, and Océane Savina, chocolatier. (Telegram/Dmitriy Lorz)

A move in early June

La Cabana Cacao, firmly established in Dornese, although it will have to relocate during the month of June: the workshop will be located on rue de Guy-Trouen, where Marie Minnox and Thomas Lahorty have found a room of 130 square meters in line with their needs. . “We love our current geographical location, a stone’s throw from Les Halles, but working with four people here, especially on the workshop side, gets really complicated,” the couple justify. In the meantime, rue Anatole-France will be the place to stock up on chocolate on Easter night. If their stock allows them, though. “We were planning to open on Sunday, April 17, but we’ve probably run out of stock,” the chocolatiers nearly apologized. Success ransom!


La Cabana Cacao, 11 rue Anatole-France, in Douarnenez. Tel: 02 21 33 19 01.

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