At Flunch, mussels are all you can eat and with our new summertime recipe, we’ll be enjoying it!

Marinare, with cream or roquefort … mussels are in all sauces in Flinch! Cooking vlogger Florian OnAir went on to discover the all-you-can-eat mussels offer at Flavish Restaurant and the least we can say is that he really enjoyed it, especially with the new recipe in the card this summer.

Mussels in a flunch is an unmissable event! Served as desired, it is served with different types of sauces to delight all gourmets. Like every year, the traditional mussels mariniri returns to fine dining restaurants. A recipe made with onions, celery, carrots, white wine, parsley, and thyme has everyone agreeing.

Flunch also offers generous creamy mussels with a hint of paprika. And if you like Florian OnAir, a cooking vlogger, and you love Roquefort’s mussels, you’re bound to enjoy this sauce until you lick your fingers!

And then accompany the mussels? Fries of course! It’s the perfect companion to enjoy your mussels and in Flinch, the full vegetable buffet is also available to your liking. But the novelty of the year is actually the new sauce recipe that is coming this summer!

The new mussels recipe you can eat in Flunch

You will find curry mussels this summer. A fragrant dish with an exotic touch to delight your taste buds! Yum, we salivate just by thinking about it…

Do not worry: if you do not know what to choose and want to taste all the sauces, this is absolutely possible! At flunch you can take the first round of mussels marinières then mussels in curry and finish with mussels in Roquefort. There really is something for everyone, and Florian wouldn’t say otherwise!

Another great novelty this year, mussels are also coming to Flunchy’s menu! And yes, the little ones can do as well as the adults and enjoy delicious mussels.

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In the meantime, quickly (re)discover all you can eat mussels in all restaurants, you’ll enjoy them every time (or with all sauces)!

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