Diego Alari makes cooking accessible to everyone

Diego Alari is the most followed chef in the world since he has 2.5 million subscribers on TikTok. It was discovered and adopted by the French in 2020 during the show top chef Broadcasting on the M6. Restaurant Executive Chef Jean Imbert and Pharrell Williams created his solo concept with Wanderlust Restaurant. I just posted … Read more

Mardi Gras: The Origins of Corvette Recipes by Lauren

(Photo by Jean-Michel Khosrot) It’s Mardi Gras tomorrow, this Tuesday, March 1. And who says Mardi Gras, says carnival…and cake. Take a look at the origins of these cakes with the BERIAN Association of Naturalists and Historians, which also shares the recipe for Vosges. Carnival cakes are prepared for Mardi Gras, a Catholic day that … Read more

bugne, waffle, auricle, our donut recipes

Mardi Gras. This Tuesday, March 1, 2021, we’re having a carnival donut. La recette varie selon nos régions : des bugnes à Lyon, des oreillettes en Provence, des ganses à Nice… Tour de France des recettes et pâte à beignet, mais aussi origine de la tradition, et pourquoi cette fête n’est pas un holiday. index … Read more

EUR/USD: safe haven dollar wins

(BFM Bourse) – The short-term bias continues to align with the medium-term bearish bias of the EUR/USD, with the dollar emphasizing its safe-haven characteristics as Russian military attacks in Ukrainian territory are in full swing. And economic sanctions targeting Russia will undoubtedly have an impact on our economies. Germany in particular, is highly dependent on … Read more

We tested three successful recipes on TikTok

The simplest: pasta chips Pasta chips, the latest culinary trend seen on TikTok. The Promise: Perfect for an appetizer with friends or family, pasta chips eliminate all the traditional potato chips. We leave the potatoes aside… Today, we’re dealing with pasta! Launched by Yomna Jawad, Founder Feel good food loversOn TikTok, the recipe video has … Read more