Aveyron. Maison Brass gets a new prestigious award and presents a secret recipe

Sebastian Brass received a new medal. (© Tables and Inns of France) (© Tables and Inns of France)

And another bonus for World-renowned Chef Sebastian Brass, on head Suquet to me Laguiole (Aviron). While the restaurant regularly ranks among the best in the world, Opens April 2022 And entering a year of celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, Discrimination He came to remind you of that At Les Bras, gastronomy is always at its peak.

And this is regardless of the number of stars Michelin Guide. This year again, the guide published in March attributes it to Aveyron Restaurant 2 stars. But we remember that until 2017, there were three. Before Sébastien Bras decided not to appear again in Michelin. He’s still there in spite of himself and probably pays the price for his recklessness…

After a world title nicknamed him

But this does not matter, because he is appreciated by the public, as well as by his peers. Last year, an award already crowned his basement. Sergio Calderon Thus he was awarded the Order “M. Chapoutier de Best bartenders » by assembly The Great Tables of the Worldwhich includes 180 exceptional restaurants around the world.

This time it’s Tables and small hotels in France Who comes to celebrate Sebastian Brass kitchen. in 27And audio editing white guide, just released, the National Federation of Tables and Bars in France lists more than 2,000 establishments and food trade professionals selected for their knowledge and preference for local products. There are village inns and fine restaurants inside.

golden hat

And a special award “Crystallize Recognition by his peers of an exceptional chef”, The Talkie Door. Hence the design of Aveyronet for the 2022 edition. The award was awarded on Thursday, April 14, at the site in Laguiole.

In particular, it rewards “know-how”, but also Sustainability of the family home As part of the promotion of our gastronomy heritage in France and abroad.” As well as “the house where the family forms cement a An adventure that transcends time and fleeting trends To offer a cuisine rooted in its own land, inspired by distinct local sectors.”

I’ve dreamed of it for generations…

It is a happy coincidence that family history finds an echo today in another form. The culinary secret handed down on Easter Eve…

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The Coolant Chocolate by Michel Brass, father of Sebastian and son of Mimi Brass. The legendary dessert just celebrated its 40th anniversary. And to celebrate it, the family simply decided… to let you do it yourself! So I just put up a batch of pastries “with secret recipe and equipment” for sale. It is sold for 140 euros on the restaurant’s website…

More surprises to come on the 30th anniversary

And this is perhaps just one of the many surprises awaiting gourmets on the 30th anniversary of Le Suquet. “We have decided, for this particular year, that Telling Le Suquet stories in the kitchen and its landmarks, cascading across the map, over the months, Flair surprises that say more than a birthday letterAnd we will provide the opportunity to thank our customers by blowing out these 30 candles with them,” explains Sebastian Brass.

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