Avian influenza: these are the products that risk changing their recipe in the supermarket!

A solution had to be found to ease tensions over the components of eggs and poultry. These tensions are caused by the avian influenza pandemic. So the state decided to allow the food industry to modify the recipe for some products. And that’s without it having to be mentioned right away on the labels.

Consequences of bird flu

Will the year-end festivities take place without foie gras? Very likely. Five months after Christmas, everything indicates that the foie gras will run out, and therefore it will be necessary to do without it. but why ? First, because of the bird flu epidemic that hit duck farms. This may not have escaped your notice, especially if you want to order duck in a restaurant. There is a real shortage due to bird flu. Foie gras production, in 2022, will be reduced by half.

The consequences are especially serious as 16 million chickens have been slaughtered in the country, including 11 million in the Great West. Last year, 3.5 million birds were killed,” the West France region tells us.

Restaurant owners had to change their menu for several weeks due to bird flu. And that’s not about to change because farmers still don’t have ducks to raise. Anyway, that’s what the educator interviewed by Mediliber points out. ” I don’t have any ducks at the moment, I will have my first batch of ducklings on July 20th and will be able to send back my ducks from mid-October. I will receive 400 ducks instead of 2,000. And again, at the last minute they can say no to us.”

Restaurateurs can count on duck exports, but again, the situation is not very clear. ” I just placed my orders for next month, I have to wait but we won’t receive everything‘, reveals Fred Benegil, chef of the Grande Brasserie à la Cité in Carcassonne.

Recipes changed due to bird flu

The avian influenza epidemic, which has been circulating in France since November 2021, is affecting the food industry’s supply for the production of certain foodstuffs made from eggs or egg products, or ingredients from poultry. In a press release, DGCCRF, this Monday, August 29, 2022. That’s not all:

Faced with this situation, some flexibility is allowed in the implementation of labeling requirements. The goal is to ensure the availability of foodstuffs in the market while preserving consumer informationIn other words, manufacturers are allowed to change recipes without having to inform consumers. For a period of three months.

Recipes must be checked

But all this cannot be done without control, it is self-evident. New recipes, updated to fill the void, must be validated by the fraud funnel before they are found on supermarket shelves. In addition, the phrases “non-GMO”, “outdoor raised”, “origin of France” and “from organic farming” must be respected after changing the recipe. If it is not respected, the packaging cannot remain the same: brands are obliged to indicate this.

But what products are likely to change their recipe? Viennese pastries and pastries (containing egg products), poultry meats, sauces, creams (egg-based preparations), ice cream and ready meals. So don’t be surprised if recipes change, although brands will do their best to ensure that the taste doesn’t change and consumers don’t notice the difference.. The habits of the French are constantly changing due to shortages related to global warming, the situation in Eastern Europe or bird flu.

As a reminder, mustard, wheat or oil are still missing in many supermarkets, and inflation continues to run its course. Hence, not the best period for consumers.

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