Avionese Recipe: Buttermilk with sheep’s milk, honey and wild oregano

Simple and delicious toast, a mixture of Arvieu yogurt and Rignac honey, with a sprinkle of oregano for a joint breakfast…

Red morning. Pearls of dew on the patio, from sumac leaves to thyme blossoms lurking among the pebbles. A rainy night, the day before, some lightning, thunder, in Bison Square. Of those summer nights that defy the mighty with bumps and tears and quivering walls. The house is turbulent with all its stones. Unfortunately for the gardener, the happiness of the gardener, while the restaurant business is coming to an end these days, almost ready as we are, at the dawn of August, to open the doors wide. So much so that at dawn we were already on board, as it was only a few months ago, when we were still sailing off the Baltic coast, heading south in retrograde, coffee boiling at the prow of the sailboat, at the first light in the aftermath of a storm. Imagine the survivors.

Burning walls and clear sky

This morning the drizzle can be found more in the returning breeze, full of freshness by the garden, drenched under the porch to the vegetable patch. Replace the sea with the Causse Comtal. The rocks, multi-coloured, even in the cellars, the stables, as the only corals, tumble, on the surface, from the chapel to the fountain, dressed in mosses, lichens. And as a raft, the old hay barn, in its apse, in particular, our efforts have been concentrated since spring – a skiff in a few months has become a landmark for piracy, a tower dug into the headwind of the cliff. compass. So, when the walls are ablaze in the east and a sky of clear waters, we set the breakfast table outside, and part with the teams at work, the desire and reaction of an old sailor: on toast or in a spoon, a piece of sheep’s milk yoghurt, mixed with a thick drizzle of honey, It is topped with some wild, still-electric oregano flowers, picked the day before, an hour before the storm.

The poem of the generous, oily and charming

Farm Yogurt, by Emmanuel Vallay and Simon Mesmin, Gaec Bêle & Bio, in Beauregard, Arvieu municipality; The fourth generation is plowing the family farm, which is perched at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level on the banks of the Great Lakes of Levizo. Creamy ode, cream and pulp, to peasant milk, frugal and luxurious, under its hint of acid, its buttery nose. Just what is needed. full of happiness.

Mountain fragrance, inactive, plentiful

Summer honey, by Noëlle and Olivier Derambure, beekeepers, near Rignac over ten years ago, independent in swarms and waxes; of domestic bees, in a fixed apiary, for one harvest per year. Slow, always slow. A mountainous, untidy, bountiful, soft, muscular mouth fragrance, a cedar back, a wet mark at the bottom of a barrel, and this twisting characteristic of the Aveyron Strait herb. magic.
Finally, a light drizzle: Thyme – “a few leaves in the meal of the one chosen from his heart,” Vivien Carlier recalls in the Medicinal Herbarium, following in the footsteps of the plant in antiquity. Camphor, nutmeg, dill, almost eucalyptus, a hint of fennel flower.

It’s up to everyone to dose the landscape with their spoon

our hands upon our cups to warm them, and the sun hardly now sits upon the table with us; Some with coffee and some with tea. Alex, a latecomer, only 11 years old dressed in a hurry, his hair disheveled, all the smiles of life; Noor, blessed, still under the quilts even in our arms, distinguished, he gave ear to the first rumors of the neighborhood – from tits to starlings, from blackbirds to noise.
In the middle, a few large pots and a set of spoons. It is up to everyone to work. To dose the landscape with a spoon cleverly. And thanks to the shared moment, hearing the memories of the farm, the milk, the honey, the picking, and the companions we’ve been since the beginning of the day.
He, his grandmother is in Savoyard. She, her childhood on the sea, again, the first feelings in the woods. All of them, our crossroads, our childhood dreams, our great mansions.
Dear rainy day, thank you.

Alex and Antonin

Of Indian and Catalan descent, Aveyron’s adopted home, Alex Pons Belgaard is principal investigator. With anthropologist Antonin Pons Brale and their children, they travel the world archiving the food cultures of the islands and northern regions. Having recently returned to Aveyron, the couple established their “Famille Pons Bellegarde” brand in 2021 and are preparing to open from next August in Bezonnes, near Rodez, their gourmet table, gourmet bookshop and seasonal grocery store; In addition to the launch of Journal 42, a bi-monthly paper dedicated to food with a radius of 42 kilometers around Rodez. The duo present weekly diaries of Aveyron’s kitchen and explorations for Center Presse readers.

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