Aya’s Recipe and Tips (LMP10) for a Successful Lemon Meringue Pie!

Discover the recipe and 3 tips from Aya, who made it to Season 10 of Best Pastry Chef, to make lemon pie a hit every time! You’ll finish your meal in style, with a pie full of energy and absolutely delicious. Best of all? This recipe is easy and available to everyone!

Our one-day chef, Aya, a finalist for Season 10’s Best Pastry Chef, brings us this classic lemon meringue pie recipe from French patisserie. For dessert, they serve you well sweet pastries crunchya Creamy lemon Cream and punk, Italian meringueand lemon confit As a final touch, to add a pep to this pie.

Dreaming of knowing how to get a perfectly drenched pie, knowing the trick so your dough doesn’t get wet or the secret to making cute meringue tubes? A verse reveals to you All his advice, so that pastry lovers and Sunday pastry chefs succeed like the pros. On your pies, ready, bake!

Every month, just like Jeremy and Aya, a talent or chef will give you cooking and baking tips to make your everyday life easier. This meeting is not to be missed on social media, in Instagram stories and starting at the end of June in the “Talents” section of our site. Marmiteon Magazine !

Lemon pie recipe with lemon

Aya Tips

Tip 1, for perfect sinking
For a delicate and delicate pie sinking, Aya goes through two stages. First, she takes her pancake ring which will act as a cookie cutter to cut out a circle. And in the second step, cut strips of dough 3 cm wide, and place them all around the pie ring. Finally, you take a knife and cut off the excess dough so that its edges are very regular.

Tip 2: To prevent your pie crust from getting wet
First make a gold plating, which you brush against the base of the pastry before placing it in the oven again. You should also leave your cream in the fridge without applying it directly to the pie dough, otherwise it will stay in the fridge for a long time and will absorb moisture. Add lemon cream at the last minute before serving to keep the dough crisp.

Tip 3: For a nice plate of meringue on your pie
The trick is to use the Saint-Honoré nozzle! If you don’t have one at home, don’t panic! Aya recommends using a piping bag, which she will cut vertically and at an angle. You will get the same result as with the Saint-Honoré nozzle. All you have to do is lay the meringue into a zigzag shape for a great finishing touch.

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