Baron Corbin says Gordon Ramsay thought his cooking was too good to be mocked

Happy Corbin wants to get into the food industry after he ends up inside the squared circle.

Although Baron Corbin isn’t far from having to use a curb to open a can of spaghetti because he fell on hard times, Corbin enjoys cooking well-prepared dishes when he’s at home, especially when he’s near home. barbecue;

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Corbyn has often taken to social media to share his creations with the world, and more recently, he’s pondered whether there’s a life for him after the ring in the food industry.

Speaking with Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast, Baron Corbin said he’d like to hang out at Guy’s Grocery Games or even collaborate with Gordon Ramsay.

“I could make some barbecue sauces or seasonings or rubs and maybe develop a product line in this world sort of. Because there’s a lot of money in this world too. I was just talking to my friend this morning about whether I’m a sauce like what I look at like shelf life and all These things. So it would be fun to be involved in this world or go to the Food Network, like letting me come and hang out at Guy’s Grocery Games and be a judge there or Chopped or I would try with Master Chef. You know, when I’m done wrestling I think it’s going to be a story Fun too. It’s like, ‘This guy used to beat up people in front of 100,000 people and now he’s like we cooked his own dish. I think that would be fun.'”

he completed, “Let me team up with Gordon Ramsay until they come back. I mean, this is my restaurant, like smashing it with your hand and like flipping like that would be so much fun. Just to be like, Gordon Ramsay is the best bad judge guy of all time, I’d like to compete for that title. That would be it. Really fun.”

Corbin will actually say that while he’s going to try to be more of a villain than Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay has already commented on a taco that Baron Corbin made for TikTok and said it was too good for Gordon Ramsay to use its content because he can’t be mocked.

“I was going to try. I made a video, it was so funny. When he was getting ready to launch Hell’s Kitchen on FOX. He was doing these things where he wanted a one minute cooking video that was going to destroy you on TikTok Yeah, I remember. No. So they asked me to do it.” I was like, no problem. So I thought I made a taco and like Taco Tarasco and I made my own tomatillo sauce and did the video and they went and wrote back, “It’s so good. He can’t say anything negative. They didn’t use it. That’s the best/worst compliment ever.”

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