Benefits and contraindications A healthy breakfast recipe

It has been a popular type of food lately. They are rich in protein, and they adapt to multiple daily preparations to make them healthier. Oatmeal cookies, porridge, granola, savory cake, quiche… they can easily turn a traditional high-calorie recipe into an innovative low-fat one. If you are not beautiful! But beware, if it is rich in nutrients and benefits, it also has some drawbacks.

If you decide to return to healthy eating, weight loss, or fitness goals, you’ve probably already made oatmeal a part of your daily routine. If not, here are the reasons to do it ASAP.

Nutritional values ​​of rolled oats

If you thought oatmeal was just a nutrient-free wet cereal just for weight loss, you were wrong. And for good reason, they provide a large amount of carbohydrates that are essential for people who are physically active. Because they are good carbohydrates, which provide the body with essential fatty acids and good fiber for digestion.

In more detail, the glycemic index (which indicates the level of sugar in the blood) contained in oats is around 60, which stabilizes blood sugar and allows the body to better absorb carbohydrates.

An essential source of protein

Athletes or not, the protein source that oatmeal provides is essential. These pills allow to maintain and build new muscle fibers and are very important for people who are physically active, but also for those who do not move much and who need to maintain their muscles. However, it is not a sufficient source of protein to be healthy. Obviously, it is essential to supplement with animal or plant proteins as well as to avoid deficiency.

Perfect for weight loss

The peculiarity of oat flakes is that they are rich in fiber, and therefore good for intestinal transit. Helping you have a flat stomach, and feel fitter every day. In addition, thanks to this high fiber content, and therefore its power to satiety, oatmeal is a very powerful ally against gnawing. And for good reason, this soluble fiber makes it possible to increase the time for food to pass through the stomach and thus regulate the production of hormones that control appetite.

Avoid if…

Oat flakes are a contraindication for some people. In fact, it reduces the absorption of nutrients and can therefore slow down people who are looking for muscle mass.

Healthy oatmeal granola for breakfast


  • 300 grams oats
  • 200 gm dark chocolate (crushed to make nuggets)
  • 100g hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans…whatever you like (also ground)
  • 5 tablespoons aloe vera syrup
  • 3 teaspoons coconut oil

Preparation :

  • In a salad bowl, mix together almonds (hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.) and oat flakes.
  • In a saucepan, boil the agave syrup and coconut oil. Remove it from the heat and let it cool.
  • Then pour this mixture into a salad bowl, over the oats and almonds. Mix well to connect the ingredients.
  • Add the chocolate chips, then stir
  • On parchment paper, spread the granola and bake for 20 minutes on medium power. Watch, granola has to be crunchy. While cooking, stir gently with a wooden spoon.

Once out of the oven, it’s ready! Granola can be eaten with yogurt, fruits, milk…whatever you want!

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