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It’s hard not to give in to American Kitchen. American dishes are often considered comfort food, and they contain all that pleases us. Liquid cheese, gourmet steaks, and sweet desserts. Burger, hot dog or milkshake, many recipes are part of US history. Whether it’s for fun or to make a file 100% American MealHere’s a selection of the best gastronomic recipes from across the Atlantic.

Delicious American recipes

Hamburger is one of the American recipes no escape. Today it can be found in most American restaurants, and revisited in a thousand ways. While the classic consists of a grilled steak cut between two slices of bread and garnished with tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese and various sauces, it is now available in both vegetarian and vegan versions, with chicken and even with fish. For an original recipe, we turn to the fast food giants, with a good recipe inspired by McDonald’s famous Big Mac.

In the same style, in a greener and sometimes lighter version, the bread recipes Among the American classics. They are found with smoked salmon, pastrami and bacon but also fresh cheese, cucumber or tomato.

Among other great recipes for American street foodWell, we obviously found a hot dog. Today, in New York and many other cities, there are 1 euro hot dog recipe stalls on every street corner. The principle, plain and simple, mixes a loaf of bread topped with sausage, fried onions, ketchup and yellow mustard. A delicacy that is easy to imitate and hard to get tired of.

Melted cheese lovers will inevitably succumb to its delicious taste Mac and cheese platter. In the program, creamy pasta mixed with a very tasty mixture of cheeses, such as cheddar or Gruyere. You can add a touch of pepper, nutmeg, or chives to season it and voila, you’re done. Quick and easy to prepare, mac and cheese is the symbolic dish of comfort food.

sweet american recipes

In the dessert department, Americans were not left out. On Thanksgiving or Halloween, we taste the traditional pumpkin pie Or pumpkin pie. Throughout the year, cookies and brownies are among the most popular foods. So much so that they keep diversifying with new flavors and unlikely pairings. We also note the presence of a hybrid cake, a recipe for brookies, a mixture of brownies and biscuits.

In other words, cheesecake is a Fresh cheesecakeUnobtrusive and slightly refreshing. If his origin was above all Slavic, it was his arrival in America that would earn him worldwide recognition. Today, cheesecake is one of the most popular cake recipes.

Finally, half dessert, half drink, milkshakes delight young and old alike. Whether it’s strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or caramel, but also Oreo cookies or speculoos, milkshakes are perfect for cooling off and taking a sweet break any time of the day.

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