Best fishing recipes

Seasonal fruits are endless inspiration to find ideas for original recipes. In summer, I make room for nectarines, juicy, sweet apricots, and very fresh watermelon. Whether in cakes, in salads, or in verrines, we succumb to the sweetness of golden peach by the action of the sun. Peaches are perfect on their own or accompanied by other fruits, and are best tasted from June to September.

Yellow peaches, white peaches, blood peaches… They’re available in both sweet and savory recipes. They are also found in recipes for cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages, such as smoothies, smoothies, or flavored waters. Here is a selection of Best fishing recipes.

sweet peach recipes

To show off a peach, there is no such thing as dessert recipes. In the summer, we choose fresh and light recipes like fruit salad flavored with aromatic herbs, mint chutney or basil, for example. For a really refreshing recipe, we start preparing Homemade peach sorbetEnjoy as dessert or any time of the day.

We can also start with suggestions for peach cake, such as pancakes, cakes, clafoutis, cheesecake, tiramisus, fruit mousse, fondant, etc. Like all fruits, peaches go great with all other sweet preparations.

Wondering what is the right food for peaches? All other types of fruit, but also chocolate, caramel, aromatic herbs such as thyme or rosemary, vanilla, etc. Among all these possibilities, peaches are also surprising in savory recipes, and thus can be enjoyed from appetizers to dessert, including main dishes and side dishes.

Delicious peach recipes

Don’t you think you’ll find peaches in delicious dishes? Make no mistake, this fruit is perfect for enhancing the flavors of meat and fish, but also charcuterie or some summery vegetables. For delicious mixtures of sweet and savory, we dare associations such as parma ham and peaches but also Roasted peach barbecue With chicken or pork chops or appetizers. For fish, fishing is also good with half-cooked tuna or salmon, for example.

We also surrender to summer peach salad With arugula, cherry tomatoes, peaches, watermelon, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. and you for what peach recipe will crack

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