Best Online Cooking Classes for Couples of 2022

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There’s no better way to get closer to your partner (and maybe even find out if you are really compatible) from cooking together. The combination of teamwork, quality time and of course enjoying the end product together is a close guarantee of a fun and rewarding night out. When you want all the excitement of learning new cooking skills but don’t want to leave the house, an online cooking class can be just the ticket.

Joining a cooking class virtually lets you and your partner dip a toe (or fork!) into exciting new flavors and recipes from the comfort of your own kitchen. Plus, for long-distance couples, it can provide a shared experience across miles. Each couple may have different goals for their perfect class, but the best online cooking class will provide an unforgettable meal—and hopefully enhance your kitchen prowess, too.

Best Online Cooking Classes for Couples of 2022

Final verdict

An online cooking class can serve as a vital work appointment (or help you and your partner develop a kitchen mastery). In the massive buffet of virtual choices in the market, Sur la Table stands above the rest. Its low prices for live chef-taught classes are hard to beat, and a convenient calendar of diverse courses makes signing up a breeze.

How to choose the best online cooking class for couples

To determine the best cooking class for the two of you as a couple, you need to consider a few considerations. How much time are you both looking to invest in getting smarter in the kitchen? How much are you willing to spend? You may also want to consider whether you really want to master certain skills, and whether you want to develop a culinary hobby together or just have a fun night out. Whatever your priorities, there is always a way to cook online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do online cooking classes for couples work?

Online cooking classes are available in a few different formats. Some will take you through the recipe steps via video-on-demand, while others provide a Zoom or Skype link so you can listen to the class in real time. Meanwhile, you can also frequently choose between membership and purchase individual classes. As for timing, some services allow you to schedule a private course at a time that works for you, while others provide a calendar of available appointments. One thing is almost universal, though: Shopping for ingredients and providing a well-equipped kitchen is up to you.

What do you learn in an online cooking class for couples?

What you learn in an online cooking class for couples may depend on the effort you and your partner put into it. In general, though, online courses provide the opportunity to improve cooking and baking techniques, as well as try your hand at individual recipes. You will also be able to learn about new cultures and cuisines. Most of all, you’ll learn how to collaborate with your loved one in a fun (and delicious) way.

How much do online cooking classes cost for couples?

You can certainly learn cooking skills for couples for free with our free online tutorials, but paying for an actual class will likely bring in better earnings — and tastier creations. Try subscription-based or one-time classes (with services like Craftsy and Udemy) for as little as $3 to $12. Or, if you want more personalized instruction but don’t want a high price tag, opt for midstream options like Sur la Table, 18 Reason, or Travel Spoon for around $30-$50 per class. Finally, to have a totally unique session with a professional chef in their own kitchen, it may be worth investing up to a few hundred dollars.


To create our list of the best online cooking classes for couples, we looked at 25 online options. Moderate price, good variety of dishes and cuisines, multiple seasons and indispensable time periods. And since the goal of most couples’ default experience is simply to have fun and gain some proficiency in the kitchen, we’ve left out classes for professionals (or those looking to start a culinary career). The easy and clear online interface was non-negotiable. Companies with confusing websites or lack of transparency about what classrooms actually include haven’t worked. (Now only if we can find one that will do the dishes for you…)

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