Between rising costs and shortages, agribusiness tends to reconsider its recipes

“We are in a very tight market, with sharp increases in the cost of raw materials, energy and transportation, and the risk of daily shortages of many components”, certifies Damien Gano, general manager of Marie’s Canned Food and Frozen Products brand, a subsidiary of the LDC Group. An example of the pressure that many food manufacturers are experiencing. The war in Ukraine greatly exacerbated the inflationary tensions and supply problems that had already emerged at the end of 2021.

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In December, we had a shortage of butter. We had to adjust production and reduce promotions to a minimum.”The leader continues. In fact, over a year and a half ago to tweak its recipes, the company chose to roll out pasta, choosing butter over vegetable oil. Butter market remains subject to strong demand during reduced milk collection. At the moment, we are at risk of a tomato shortage »adds Mr. Jano, who explains that the whole practice of the company now is to find new suppliers to ensure the supply of raw materials in “No Stock Status”.

Marie’s general manager is, at the moment, ruling out any modification to the recipes. “In no way do we want to modify the specifications. This engages our brand “, confirms. The same story with the Martinet company. We don’t change recipes. Of the 80,000 tons of lettuce we produce, 5% is oil. But we use rapeseed oil, and we don’t have a supply problem. We are less embarrassed than those who use sunflower oil.”confirms Pierre Martinet, president of the company that specializes in serving salads.

“It’s hard to change the mark at any moment.”

In fact, the most obvious deficiency, in connection with the war in Ukraine, is the shortage of sunflower oil and derivatives of this crop from oilseeds and protein. Ukraine produces half the volumes marketed in the world, and with Russia, the total is up to 80%. With the start of planting, the risk of a decrease in the area under cultivation, and therefore a limited crop in the future, increases stress.

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Already, in a radius of oils, in supermarkets, rips multiply. After hearing alarming letters, the French stockpiled large quantities, and bottles of imported sunflower oil became a rarity. There is still the Lesieur brand, which produces French sunflower. Knowing that the consumer can well choose another oil or alternative fats.

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