Blues success recipe in Japan

Expected weather conditions

With 35 degrees and more than 50% humidity on Saturday at Toyota, there was no weather to put a rugby player outside. However, the Blues returned from the Toyota oven with their ninth straight win. Pinning the Brave Blossoms at gunpoint (13-13 in the first half), the French scrambled, scoring four attempts in the second half. “ Physically, there were a few minutes where we needed to breathe. Little by little, we corrected the situation. The more the match progresses, the more you smile at us Summarized by Charles Olivon. The blues have also expected a lot in Marcoussis, by working with compression garments or Lycra or by performing exercises in the “ eco room This helps control heat and humidity.

Define a “state of siege”

Prior to the meeting, employees had set three goals: Spaces, Energy, and Inverse. “ In attack, we look for spaces, in defense, we try to be ahead and the most important is energy, our ability to manage energy in the match. ‘,” Galthey explained. So, we had to Spend as little time as possible in our camp Thus, relying on playing with the foot. “ In the possession area, when you decide to attack, the rule is 22-22, i.e. do not hold the ball for more than 22 seconds in the area between 22. With the foot or by hand. When attacking, Blitz is more effective than Siege The coach said.

More or less effective than the hoof

The Blues won seven balls on the plates, including five in the middle of the field, as they competed in 30 of the 76 wrecks in this area. “ That’s a lot. One of the improvement points is that we are attacking too many whales. And not wisely. What we know how to do well with our team that used to play together. We know when to attack, and when not to attack. We have rules you should always attack the first ball but we don’t have group reactions or group readingGalthié flour. Sometimes we let go of energy, and then, above all, we wiped out each other by attacking plates that didn’t fit. For a small harvest: Five balloons is not bad but it is not worth attacking 30 sprays out of 76. »

instant feedback

With a young and inexperienced youngster starting XV (15 picks and just under 25 on average), the blues seemed an event. There, too, it was planned: to quickly deal with the conditions and the Japanese game, the French administration chose the younger players but also the mobile players. “ It’s a young team so we remember their ability to understand what happened in the first period and respond. We played right after that ‘Moreover Galthié explained afterwards.’ We had to stop observing and find our directions, and start the first offensive and defensive steps. »

heart rate

Faced with lively Japanese like players, expect the blues crew. He was right: according to French data, “It’s one of the fastest matches we’ve played ‘, as Galthié pointed out. It relates to the size of the land. The bigger the playing field, the faster the game. The French had a field day, averaging 123 meters per minute.

The North suffers against the South

Four temporary eliminations spoiled the hopes of Wales, who was defeated by South Africa on Saturday in Pretoria (32-29) in a day of international test matches. From Perth (Australia) to Auckland (New Zealand) to Jujuy (northwest Argentina), the other three countries of the Southern Hemisphere caused their northern counterparts to suffer, and all claimed victory.
Match test results. Auckland: New Zealand – Ireland 42-19, in Perth: Australia – England 30-28, in Pretoria: South Africa – Wales 32-29, in San Salvador de Jujuy: Argentina – Scotland 26-18

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