Body scrub recipe at home

This year = goal healthy skin and beautiful skin! Hence the fact that you’ll want to incorporate more of a body scrub into your beauty routine, but be warned, you’d rather make your own scrub… that way you’re aware of the different components of your scrub and so it’s healthier for the planet. .

So, how do you make your own scrub? Here is a list of two recipes for cleaning the sting yourself right now.

Benefits of exfoliation for the skin

  • Helps maintain healthy skin

Getting undeniably beautiful skin involves exfoliating your skin. In fact, this aesthetic procedure prevents the formation of impurities on the body and improves the radiance of the complexion. Exfoliation stimulates micro-circulation and promotes skin renewal.

In addition, skin exfoliation is a habit that must be followed because it prevents the formation of ingrown hairs after hair removal. Excess dead skin can actually lead to a Cutaneous occlusion enveloping the hair under the skin.

  • Helps expel cellulite

This is indeed one of the benefits of exfoliating the skin. This remedy is a good anti-cellulite treatment and that is why we cannot do without it.

When you exfoliate your skin, you do a circular drainage and a soft massage. Thus, it stimulates blood circulation and refines the texture of your skin as well. Therefore, if you regularly exfoliate cellulite-prone areas, you will soften boils and drain lymph. Result: reduces orange peel.

  • Helps prolong tan

If you want to maintain a nice tan skin, make an exfoliator! The latter has the effect of revealing and giving more radiance to your tan. So your brown skin will be homogeneous, long-lasting and uniform.

Sugar body scrub

Who is he talking to?

Fits most skin types except for very thin skin.

How do you make this scrub?

  1. Start by mixing 1 teaspoon of brown sugar with a little olive oil.
  2. Apply lotion to your body, exfoliate, wait a few minutes, relax and rinse.

salt scrub

Who is he talking to?

Like the first scrub, this lotion is suitable for most skin types except for sensitive skin. Salt scrubs are very effective in exfoliating difficult areas such as feet or knees.

How do you make this scrub?

  1. Start by mixing 4 tablespoons of fine salt and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl.
  2. Then add a drop of essential oil to give the lotion a pleasant scent.
  3. Apply the mixture to your skin and peel it.
  4. Finish tough spots.

Finally, do you usually do a body scrub? Which ones do you use?


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